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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

ITEMS > Critters:

CRITTERS: Buzzed Beavers, Dozy Bunnies, Paranoid Bears, Dopey Ducks, and many more.

Critters were originally found as a popup on your farm saying you found a critter. (For this reason, they were often referred to as "Found Items" or "Lost Sheep".) You weren't able to get them for yourself. You posted it on your wall and the first of your friends to click it would get it. To get these critters for yourself, you needed to watch your Pot Farm news feed on Facebook. When a friend posted one, you'd click the link. If you were the first to click the link, you'd get the critter and it would show up in your gift box.

That all changed in early 2013 when they stopped showing up to share.


  • The Ripped Raccoon and 4 different Love Pigs have reportedly been added to Mystery Critter gifts.
  • Odds for a White Rabbit in mystery critter gifts reportedly doubled. This would change it from ULTRA RARE to simply VERY RARE.
  • Hydroponic Quests: The Duck requirement was reportedly removed for "A Second Hydro".
  • Coopers Odyssey. The Driftwood requirement was reportedly removed for Timber Trails.

Mystery Critter Gifts (see below) are now the main way to receive critters. They may also be found in some types of crates available now and then.


On July 27, 2012, Mystery Critter Gifts were added to the game. Like Mystery Gifts, you could send these to neighbors and they would get a random CRITTER and could return one to you. Not all critters are available from mystery critter gifts. See the list below to see what you can get.

When mystery critter gifts were introduced, they also added the Dementoad and 9 3rd eye critters. (The Dementoad offers +100 protection. All the third-eye critters have -100 protection. They each take up 1 space except for the 2 space gator and the 0 space bunny.) There were also 18 CRITTER QUESTS added!

The following is a list of critters you could find from mystery critter gifts. It's a little out of date, as I'm sure they've added more to this list. They are in order by probability with the most common ones first and the the most rare last.

  • Third Eye Cat
  • Paranoid Party Bear
  • Third Eye Duck
  • Pink Deadhead Bear
  • Green Third Eye Frog
  • Paranoid Sci-Fi Bear
  • Third Eye Beaver
  • Blue Deadhead Bear
  • Paranoid Park Bear
  • Blue Third Eye Frog
  • Blue Frog
  • Third Eye Bunny
  • Green Deadhead Bear
  • Yellow Deadhead Bear
  • Orange Deadhead Bear
  • Third Eye Gator
  • Milk Chocobunny
  • Dark Chocobunny
  • Pink Bunny
  • Oogy Bunny
  • Dozy Pumpkin
  • Third Eye Bear
  • Red Third Eye Frog
  • Buzzed Bondage Beaver
  • Dementoad (rare)
  • Black Rabbit (rare)
  • Inflatable Bondage Sheep (very rare)
  • Sad Bunny (very rare)
  • White Rabbit (ultra very rare)
  • Rosy Love Pig (*rarity unknown)
  • Bubbly Love Pig (*rarity unknown)
  • Love Pig (*rarity unknown)
  • Choco Love Pig (*rarity unknown)
  • Ripped Raccoon (*rarity unknown)

*On 4/9/13, Pot Farm added the 4 Love Pigs and the Ripped Raccoon, but I'm not sure where they fit in on the rarity list. Aside from these, critters not listed here are currently NOT available from mystery critter gifts.


Placing Critters:

Critters and decorations that take up 0 spaces fit between the plots (see dozy death on the right). However, if you place them when you don't have crops planted, you can also place them pretty much right on top of a plot (see dozy ghost), enabling you to fit lots more of them. Placing critters or decoration on top of a plot like this DOES NOT affect planting. You can still put a plant there.

puffy leprechaun Love Pig


Some critters (like certain Leprechauns and Love Pigs) are known as "repeaters" because they generate bonuses every so many hours (when clicked). For details on all repeaters in the game, REPEATER PAGE.

Critters by type:


Click CRITTER NAME for more details. Click THEME NAME to see what other items and critters were available during the same theme the critter was first released.

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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Baked Ham harvest2012150509,9002012-11-19
Baked Pilgrim thanksgiving20101991,4002010-11-23
Baked Potato harvest201310-11,2502013-11-13
Baked Santa Turkey xmas2012112124802012-12-15
Baked Sweet Potato thanksgiving201615005002,0002016-11-23
Baked Turkey thanksgiving2010112124802010-11-23
Turkey Reindeer xmas20101996002010-12-02
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Albino Fat Bat halloween20121-400-7,2002012-10-12
Baby Bat halloween201210-12012-10-12
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 1 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 2 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 3 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 4 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 5 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Black Fat Cat Fat Bat Lvl 6 thanksgiving20141-500-50,0002014-11-28
Brown Fat Bat halloween20121-100-7,2002012-10-12
Cheesy Fat Bat 1-600-7,2002013-06-07
Fast Fat Uncle Floyd Bat 420_20141-600-12014-05-07
Fat Bat halloween201210-1,2002012-10-12
Fat Uncle Floyd Bat 420_20141-600-12014-04-22
Ghostly Gambler halloween2018110171,01712018-10-17
Hippie Fat Bat 420_easter_2019110001,00012019-04-03
Jason Fat Bat murder_camp1-100-1,0002016-09-09
Jersey Fat Bat halloween20121-300-7,2002012-10-12
Leprechaun Fat Bat stpat20141-600-248,7502014-03-12
Master Toka Fat Bat 10-4202014-10-17
Persian Cat Fat Bat cats_and_dogs10-12019-06-12
Purple Fat Bat halloween20121-200-7,2002012-10-12
Summer Fat Bat camping1-400-125,0002014-07-14
Tabby Fat Bat halloween20121-600-7,2002012-10-12
Turkey Fat Bat thanksgiving20181-100-12018-11-07
Xmas Fat Bat xmas201310-140,0002013-12-23
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3 Paranoid Bears fairytale62800467189,5002013-08-16
3rd Eye Bear psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
Blue Deadhead Bear psychedelic1101012012-07-11
Gas Mask (Conspiracy) Bear conspiracy117171,0002011-07-08
Green Deadhead Bear psychedelic1101012012-07-11
Knugs (Polar Bear) xmas201116506501002011-12-02
Orange Deadhead Bear psychedelic1101012012-07-11
Orcish Critter Bear fantasy20151-500-5,0002015-05-20
Paranoid 420 Bear 4201202012012-04-25
Paranoid Aztec Bear ancient110105,0002014-09-17
Paranoid Bear none1772002010-09-01
Paranoid Caveman prehistoric1-50-2,0002014-05-20
Paranoid Dank Bearder (Darth Bear) scifi20151-1000-8,0002015-06-17
Paranoid Death Bear halloween2011120201,2002011-10-14
Paranoid Devil Bear halloween20111991,0002011-10-14
Paranoid Easter Bunny (Bear) easter201221056,9002012-03-20
Paranoid Egyptian Bear ancient_egypt20-1,0002017-06-07
Paranoid Flasher Bear valentine20141-100-61,2502014-01-30
Paranoid Frozen Bear winter20144400100123,7502014-01-16
Paranoid Girl Bear none114142,4002010-12-16
Paranoid Gummy Bear easter201515005003802015-03-26
Paranoid Lizard Bear close_encounters1-250-5002016-04-06
Paranoid Mardi Gras Bear mardigras122222,0002012-02-16
Paranoid Mexican Bear western15050100,0002013-07-25
Paranoid New Years Bear newyears2012122222,0002011-12-30
Paranoid Park Bear trailer1111112011-06-07
Paranoid Party Bear rockstar111118002011-08-31
Paranoid Patriot Bear 1505012015-02-02
Paranoid Pic-A-Nic Bear thanksgiving20151-800-15,0002015-11-11
Paranoid Pilgrim thanksgiving2010111113602010-11-23
Paranoid Pumpkin Bear halloween2011115151,1002011-10-14
Paranoid Rave Bear musicfest10-3,0002014-08-21
Paranoid Reindeer xmas20101776002010-12-02
Paranoid Russian Bear world115015069,8532013-09-11
Paranoid Santa Bear xmas2011122221,2002011-12-05
Paranoid Sci-Fi Bear scifi124242,4002012-04-27
Paranoid Spliff Bear seven_smokey_sins10-4002017-04-14
Paranoid Sweater Bear xmas201312020123,7502013-12-04
Paranoid Wizard Bear fantasy120201,2002011-11-04
Paranoid Zombie Bear voodoo120002,00049,9002012-02-29
Pink Deadhead Bear psychedelic1101012012-07-11
Rasta Paranoid Bear rasta115152002011-05-13
Stoned Cutter Bear unexplained1-100-11,2502014-06-11
The Weevil superhero140040010,0002013-05-24
Trailer Park Lady Bear trailer1161612011-06-07
Viking Bear vikings17507503802015-05-06
Yellow Deadhead Bear psychedelic1101012012-07-11
Zombie Circus Bear carnival4-600-49,9002013-10-25
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3rd Eye Beaver psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
420 Beaver 420_2011015-4,9002011-04-14
Anubeaver ancient1-100-5,0002014-09-17
Bavarian Beaver xmas20161-250-25,0002016-12-07
Beaver and Duckhead musicfest2-500-5,0002014-09-02
Buzzed Alien Beaver close_encounters1-300-750
Buzzed Beaver none02-2002010-09-30
Buzzed Bondage Beaver valentine2012029-2,7002012-01-26
Buzzed Death Beaver halloween2011029-2,7002011-10-14
Buzzed Envy Beaver seven_smokey_sins1-250-5502017-04-20
Buzzed Frozen Beaver winter20142-10-36,2502014-01-16
Buzzed Ghost Beaver halloween2012125255,9002012-11-02
Buzzed Hawaiian Beaver 420110106,9002012-04-13
Buzzed Hipster Beaver musicfest125025012014-08-25
Buzzed Krampus Beaver xmas20151-250-0
Buzzed Mad Hatter (Beaver) wonderland175075049,9002012-06-27
Buzzed Mardi Gras Beaver mardigras029-4,2002012-02-16
Buzzed Mexican Beaver western150504,5002013-07-25
Buzzed Monster Beaver halloween20151-400-1,500
Buzzed New Years Beaver newyears2012029-4,2002011-12-30
Buzzed Party Beaver (formerly Deaver) rockstar019-2,9002011-08-11
Buzzed Pilgrim thanksgiving201002-4002010-11-23
Buzzed Reindeer xmas201002-1,5002010-12-02
Buzzed Sabertooth Beaver prehistoric13003005002014-05-26
Buzzed Santa Beaver xmas2011029-4,2002011-12-21
Buzzed Sci-Fi Beaver scifi029-4,2002012-04-27
Buzzed Sweater Beaver xmas20131250250123,7502013-12-23
Buzzed Swinger Beaver valentine20141505036,2502014-01-30
Buzzed Trailer Park Beaver trailer021-4,9002011-06-07
Buzzed Voodoo Beaver voodoo029-4,2002012-02-23
Buzzed Wicket Beaver scifi2015110001,0009002015-06-17
Buzzed Wizard Beaver fantasy029-2,7002011-11-04
Buzzed Zombie Beaver halloween20141-150-2,0002014-10-09
Capt J Chron scifi201616006002,0002016-08-17
Conspiracy Beaver (quest prize and super rare adopted) conspiracy015-2,7002011-07-08
Demon Beaver halloween201601000-6002016-10-28
Mountie Beaver world1250250147,5002013-09-13
New Years Beaver newyear20141-150-12013-12-30
Orcish Critter Beaver fantasy20151-300-5,0002015-05-20
Rasta Beaver rasta019-4,9002011-05-13
Stoned Cutter Beaver unexplained11001005002014-06-17
The Dank Squire superhero125025012,0002013-05-24
Toy Buzzed Beaver fast_food00-12016-05-25
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Alien Big Pig Hybrid close_encounters4-400-5,000
Ball Gagged Big Pig sex_island4-400-5,000
Biker Big Pig sturgis_rally4-400-1,2002016-07-22
Candy Heart Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Capitalist Big Pig thanksgiving20154-2000-2,0002015-11-27
Cookie Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Cthulhu Big Pig greenacres4-2000-2,500
Cupid Big Pig valentine20184-1000-12018-02-14
Doggo Big Pig cats_and_dogs442010512019-06-07
Donut Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Dragon Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Duckpig Big Pig thanksgiving20184-200-12018-11-21
Easter Bunny Big Pig 420_easter_201940-12019-04-10
Event Security Big Pig music_fest_20184150003,75012018-08-15
Grey Dragon Big Pig dragon201940-12019-05-17
Gussied Up Big Pig valentine20194100025012019-01-30
Hammibal the Canibal Big Pig silver_screen40-12018-06-01
Leprechaun Big Pig stpat201941002512019-03-29
Luchador Big Pig cinco_de_mayo4-400-5,0002017-05-03
Mountie Big Pig canada4-400-5,0002017-06-30
Narwhal Big Pig polar_vortex41002512019-03-06
Penguin Big Pig polar_vortex41002512019-03-01
Pie Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Pirate Big Pig pirate2019450012512019-01-25
Pot Fink Big Pig 420_20184-100-12018-05-09
Rainbow Big Pig pride40-12019-06-19
Red Dragon Big Pig dragon20194100025012019-05-15
Santa Big Pig xmas20164-4000-5,0002016-12-14
Truffle Big Pig greenacres4-400-2,500
Turkey Big Pig thanksgiving201740--2017-11-17
Unicorn Big Pig enchanted_fables41002512018-06-20
Wakey Bakey Big Pig wake_n_bake4-200-12018-09-28
White Dragon Big Pig dragon201940-12019-05-22
Woofy Big Pig christmas2018110010012018-11-30
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3rd Eye Bunny psychedelic0-100-12012-07-27
420 Dozy Bunny 420_2011020-4,9002011-04-14
Bavarian Bunny xmas20161-100-10,0002016-12-21
Black Rabbit none02-2002010-11-23
Bondo the Bondage Bunny valentine2012049-5,9002012-01-26
Buds cartoon20-12018-02-23
Dark Chocobunny none01-200
Demon Bunny halloween20160900-5002016-10-28
Dozey Sweater Rabbit xmas201317575123,7502013-12-18
Dozy Bunny none01-4002010-09-01
Dozy Cowboy Bunny western1252502013-07-25
Dozy Death halloween201004-1,6002010-10-14
Dozy Devil halloween201003-1,2002010-10-14
Dozy Egyptian Bunny ancient1-50-11,2502014-09-17
Dozy Frozen Bunny winter2014120020073,7502014-01-08
Dozy Ghost halloween201002-8002010-10-07
Dozy Greed Bunny seven_smokey_sins10-4502017-04-14
Dozy Krampus Bunny xmas20151-100-0
Dozy Lizard Bunny close_encounters1-750-1,2502016-04-06
Dozy Mardi Gras Bunny mardigras049-5,9002012-02-16
Dozy Monster Bunny halloween20151-200-500
Dozy Muddy Bunny musicfest1-200-2,5002014-08-25
Dozy New Years Bunny newyears2012049-5,9002011-12-30
Dozy Party Bunny rockstar029-4,9002011-08-31
Dozy Pilgrim thanksgiving201001-3602010-11-23
Dozy Pumpkin halloween201001-4002010-10-14
Dozy Rasta Bunny rasta050-8,4002011-05-13
Dozy Reindeer xmas201001-4802010-12-02
Dozy Santa Bunny xmas2011049-5,9002011-12-21
Dozy Sci-Fi Bunny scifi049-5,9002012-04-27
Dozy Swinger Bunny valentine20141505036,2502014-02-05
Dozy Trailer Park Bunny trailer010-1,3002011-06-07
Dozy Voodoo Bunny voodoo049-5,9002012-02-23
Dozy Wizard Bunny fantasy021-4,9002011-11-04
Dozy Zombie halloween2010020-3,9002010-10-14
Elven Critter Bunny fantasy20151-300-5,0002015-05-20
Milk Chocobunny none01-200
Oogy Bunny none03-1,2002010-11-23
Pink Bunny none01-200
Sad Bunny (Blue) none02-200
Sidekick Boy superhero124244,5002013-05-24
Stoned Cutter Bunny unexplained1-50-11,2502014-06-11
The White Rabbit (from Rabbit Hole) wonderland10-12012-06-28
Tin Foil Hat (Conspiracy) Bunny conspiracy021-4,9002011-07-08
White Rabbit none02-2002010-11-23
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3rd Eye Cat psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
420 Kitty 420141416,9002012-04-20
Aurora cats16006003,0002017-03-08
Catbus japan40-5,000
Cheshire Cat wonderland190090099,9002012-06-27
Chronic Alien Kitty close_encounters1-750-1,250
Chronic Egyptian Cat ancient150050023,7502014-09-24
Chronic Fossilized Cat prehistoric1-150-15,0002014-05-20
Chronic Frozen Kitty winter201420-123,7502014-01-08
Chronic Mexican Kitty western110010080,0002013-07-25
Chronic Muddy Cat musicfest1-300-5,0002014-09-01
Chronic Pride Kitty seven_smokey_sins10-3502017-04-12
Chronic Swinger Cat valentine20141505036,2502014-01-30
Chronic Tuxedo Cat 1750750500
Chronik Kitty New Years newyears2012142424,2002011-12-30
Chronik Kitty Reindeer xmas2011141416,9002011-12-21
Chronik Sci-Fi Kitty scifi119195,9002012-04-27
Church halloween20171-500-1002017-10-25
Delilah cats15005003,5002017-02-22
Dutchess cats110001,00010,0002017-02-22
Elven Critter Cat fantasy20151-350-5,0002015-05-20
Felonious Feline superhero150508,0002013-05-24
Ghost Cat halloween2012119195,9002012-11-02
Keefer Cat Wormhole 420_20154-500-50,0002015-04-17
Kronic Kitty none115155,9002011-12-05
Mardi Gras Kitty mardigras141415,9002012-02-16
Meowza cats2-500-7502017-02-22
NINE (the skeleton cat) halloween2012199999999,9002012-10-05
Santa Kitty xmas2011141416,9002011-12-05
Shakes the Cat 1500500150
Shivers the Cat xmas201512002005002015-12-01
Straps the Cat valentine2012115155,9002012-01-26
Tangi cats14004002,5002017-02-24
Voodoo Kitty voodoo119195,9002012-02-23
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3D Chick psychedelic25002503,4002012-07-17
Albino Chick easter20142-150-23,7502014-04-15
Blob Chick scifi250025012012-05-31
Blue Stoned Chick easter2012220010012012-03-30
Green Stoned Chick easter2012225012512012-03-30
Hippie Chick easter20142-150-23,7502014-04-15
Lolcutest Chick scifi25002502,9002012-05-31
Mutant Dick scifi2-1000-12012-05-31
Naked Stoned Chick (pink) easter20122100050012012-03-30
Orange Chick easter20142-150-23,7502014-04-15
Purple Chick easter20142-150-23,7502014-04-15
Robot Chicken scifi201320-02013-05-07
Shiva Cheeba Chick psychedelic2-1000-3,4002012-07-17
Tie-Dye Chick psychedelic25002503,4002012-07-17
Walrus Chick psychedelic25002503,4002012-07-17
Wookee Chick scifi25002502,9002012-05-31
Yellow Stoned Chick easter2012220010012012-03-30
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3rd Eye Duck psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
Black Quacker none1661,0002011-04-14
Chron Tart Dopey Duck candyland1-250-5002017-09-13
Conspiracy Duck conspiracy1992002011-07-08
Dopey 420 Duck 420_20111662002011-04-14
Dopey Alien Duck close_encounters1-250-500
Dopey Bondage Duck valentine2012120201,2002012-01-26
Dopey Captain Pike Duck scifi201518008008002015-06-17
Dopey Caveman Duck prehistoric13003005002014-05-26
Dopey Cowboy Duck western15050100,0002013-07-25
Dopey Death Duck halloween2011120201,2002011-10-14
Dopey Duck none1114002011-04-14
Dopey Frozen Duck winter20142402020,0002014-01-08
Dopey Hipster Duck musicfest1-50-1,0002014-08-20
Dopey Mardi Gras Duck mardigras119191,6002012-02-16
Dopey New Years Duck newyears2012119191,6002011-12-30
Dopey Party Duck rockstar117171,2002011-08-31
Dopey Reindeer Duck xmas2011120201,2002011-12-21
Dopey Santa Duck xmas2011120201,2002011-12-21
Dopey Sci-Fi Duck scifi120201,2002012-04-27
Dopey Seahawk Duck 1505012015-02-04
Dopey Sloth Duck seven_smokey_sins10-2502017-04-05
Dopey Sweater Duck xmas201317575123,7502013-12-04
Dopey Tuxedo Duck 1500500500
Dopey Voodoo Duck voodoo119191,6002012-02-23
Dopey Wizard Duck fantasy120201,2002011-11-04
Duck in a Box valentine20141-90-61,2502014-01-30
Elven Critter Duck fantasy20151-250-5,0002015-05-20
Mr Comedian superhero1-75-14,0002013-05-24
Ra Duck ancient1-350-4,0002014-09-30
Rasta Duck rasta1662002011-05-13
Rebecca Duck scifi201612002008502016-08-17
Toy Dopey Duck fast_food00-5,0002016-05-25
Trailer Park Quacker trailer19912011-06-07
Ugly Duckling fairytale122228,0002013-08-16
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Big Blue Phrog none1558002011-04-08
Big Phrog none1668002011-01-21
Big Red Phrog none1998002011-04-08
Blue 3rd Eye Frog psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
Dementoad psychedelic110010010,0002012-07-27
Frog Prince fantasy1212112011-11-14
Green 3rd Eye Frog psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
Horny Toad valentine20141-150-123,7502014-01-30
Horny Toad 02 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 03 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 04 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 05 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 06 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 07 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Horny Toad 08 valentine201810-12018-02-21
Red 3rd Eye Frog psychedelic1-100-12012-07-27
Voodoo Frog voodoo1212102012-02-23
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
3rd Eye Gator psychedelic2-100-12012-07-27
Lounging Aztec Gator ancient21005023,7502014-09-30
Mardi Gras Gator mardigras21909519,9002012-02-16
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Ale-Leprechaun stpat20111881,2002011-03-08
Barfing Leprechaun stpat2012225001,25099,9002012-03-14
Happy Leprechaun (toilet paper) stpat2011114141,0002011-03-03
Lost Leprechaun (surprised) stpat20111994002011-03-08
Lucky Leprechaun stpat20111551,0002011-03-03
Puffy Leprechaun (pipe) stpat20111449,9002011-03-08
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Flying Monkey wizard_of_oz1-250-900
Grease Monkey sturgis_rally415003759002016-07-20
Mellow Monkey island201310-100,0002013-01-25
Monkey In Hot Spring japan4-300-1,250
Monkey Nazca Lines ancient4-350-12,498,7502014-09-17
Monkey Toke-In juganji01600-1,0002017-03-22
Pirate Monkey pirate1-300-499,9502015-01-23
Zombie Monkey halloween20141-50-1,0002014-10-09
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Albino Hemperor Penguin winter20142-350-123,7502014-01-15
Albino Penguin winter20142-250-123,7502014-01-15
Black Hemperor Penguin winter20142-100-123,7502014-01-15
Black Penguin winter20142-15-123,7502014-01-15
Blue Hemperor Penguin winter20142-150-123,7502014-01-15
Blue Penguin winter20142-25-123,7502014-01-15
Frozen Egg winter201420-12014-01-15
Hemperor Frozen Egg winter201400-1
Purple Hemperor Penguin winter20142-250-123,7502014-01-15
Purple Penguin winter20142-50-123,7502014-01-15
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Bubbly Love Pig valentine2011222112,5002011-02-16
Choco Love Pig valentine2011222112,5002011-02-16
Love Pig valentine2011222112,5002011-02-16
New Years Pig newyears2012244222,5002011-12-30
Rosy Love Pig valentine2011222112,5002011-02-16
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Buddy the Pug valentine201310-125,0002013-02-20
Bunny Buddy easter201310-300,0002013-03-08
Puggalo music125025099,9992013-06-27
Ugly Sweater Pug xmas201512525500
Xmas Pug xmas20131-25-73,7502013-12-04
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Bavarian Raccoon xmas20161-500-12016-12-14
Chron Tart Ripped Raccoon candyland1-750-1,0002017-09-27
Demon Raccoon halloween201601200-8002016-10-28
Obey Alien scifi20161-1250-1,2502016-08-17
Orcish Critter Raccoon fantasy20151-350-5,0002015-05-20
Ripped Aztec Raccoon ancient1-50-11,2502014-09-17
Ripped Egyptian Raccoon ancient_egypt11001005002017-06-14
Ripped Gluttony Raccoon seven_smokey_sins10-3502017-04-12
Ripped Krampus Raccoon xmas20151-500-0
Ripped Lizard Raccoon close_encounters1-300-7502016-04-06
Ripped Monster Raccoon halloween20151-200-1,000
Ripped Raccoon northwest120204,9002012-09-11
Ripped Rave Raccoon musicfest1-100-2,0002014-08-20
Ripped Rosy Raccoon valentine201310-100,0002013-02-19
Ripped Space Raccoon scifi20151-200-3,0002015-06-17
Ripped Sweater Raccoon xmas20131350350123,7502013-12-23
Ripped Zombie Raccoon halloween2012140405,9002012-10-19
Ripple Cowboy Raccoon western110010002013-07-25
Stoned Cutter Raccoon unexplained1-150-23,7502014-06-17
The Rabid Raccoon superhero1500500250,0002013-05-24
Toy Ripped Raccoon fast_food00-2,0002016-05-25
Wrapped Ripped Raccoon xmas2016110001,0005,0002016-12-21
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Blitzen xmas201210-12012-12-21
Comet xmas201210-12012-12-21
Cupid xmas201210-12012-12-21
Dancer xmas201210-12012-12-21
Dasher xmas201210-12012-12-21
Donner xmas201210-12012-12-21
Prancer xmas201210-12012-12-21
Reindeer Tracks xmas201210-4002012-12-21
Rudolph xmas201210-12012-12-21
Vixen xmas201210-12012-12-21
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Blow Up Sheep (grey) valentine20111661,0002011-02-11
Electric Sheep none160604,9002011-12-07
Inflatable Bondage Sheep valentine201210-1,0002012-02-13
Inflatable Sheep (white) valentine20111661,0002011-02-11
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Ghost Skunk halloween201210-9,9002012-11-02
Lust Skunk seven_smokey_sins1-100-2502017-04-07
Stoned Albino Skunk 420_20131-1150-02013-04-22
Stoned Black Skunk northwest1-250-100,0002012-09-21
Stoned Blue Skunk 420_20131-250-02013-04-19
Stoned Green Skunk 420_20131-850-02013-04-19
Stoned Purple Skunk 420_20131-400-02013-04-19
T-850 scifi20161-200-8502016-08-17
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
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 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date
Albino Toucan island201320-50,0002013-01-18
Blue Toucan island201320-20,0002013-01-18
Fancy Albino Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Fancy Orange Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Fancy Teal Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Fat Albino Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Fat Green Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Fat Purple Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Red Toucan island201320-10,0002013-01-18
Tall Albino Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Tall Black Toucan island201320-60,0002013-01-18
Tall Orange Toucan island201320-12013-01-23
Toucan Dan cartoon1-2000-12018-02-21
 CritterThemetilesPropro per tilecoin sale priceStart Date

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