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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.


What is an "EGG"?

There are several items in the game which are called "EGGS". The main type of egg discussed on this page is any item you put on your farm, which, after building, randomly becomes one of a number of different possible items. (Yes, I consider the "Fat Bat" and "Big Pig Initial" eggs.) The intent of this page is to show all the different eggs in the game and provide a link to what they can become.

See the discussion section at the bottom of this page if you have questions or want to discuss eggs.

Here are the different eggs in the game. Click a link, then scroll to the bottom of the egg description page to find a complete list of what the egg can become.

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With the game shutting down December 11, 2019, I removed the discussion pages from this site. I am keeping my Facebook Group open though. Please join PFI's MEMORIES OF POT FARM to reminice about the good ol' days of Pot Farm! Post a FINAL SCREENSHOT of your farm and tell us HOW HIGH YOU GOT!

This section below is the place to discuss EGGS and only eggs. (Use one of the above links for a more appropriate discussion page if you want to discuss something other than eggs.)


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