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the site Pot Farm called..."the best and most comprehensive Pot Farm site on the vast interwebs!"

Fan page with info on every item and every seed ever released in Pot Farm and MUCH MORE!

Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

Game Info (Glossary)

2X/3X Seeds: See "SUPERCROPPING" below.

REAL 420 RALLY: Click here to see Pot Farm fans at a 420 Rally in San Francisco (4/20/2011).

4x tools


4x Fertilizing added May 31, 2011. Simply click the multi-tool to try it out. See Puff Puff Passes for more details on how 4x tools and the passes work.

The COOLEST part of this feature is that it shows you WHAT you're about to fertilize and how much time it has left. The display shows whatever you have planted on the plot the cursor is over.

AGE RESTRICTION: /info.php#age

Pot Farm is limited to players that are 19 years of age or over. Pot Farm Terms of Service.


AUCTIONS: (Obsolete) /info.php#auction

They did a couple of these in April 2012, but then we didn't see any more.

Dirty Dick's Seized Property Auctions. If you see Ranger Dick's face in the lower left corner of the game, click it and check it out. (You may have to wait a half minute for the auction to load.) Bid pot bucks on assorted items. Be the HIGH bidder and get the item for the price of your bid. They're just testing this out, so it may not be there.

Note from the devs on April 6: "This is our first larger scale test, so it may be flaky!"

Give the devs your feedback.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker

AUTO CLICKER: /info.php#auto

Are your hands getting sore clicking potheads for your quests? Check out the Free Mouse Auto Clicker. Put your mouse where you want it to click and it will click for you at the frequency you set. I set it to 1/10 of a second and I've got a machine gun mouse, clicking ten times a second wherever I point my mouse. Ctrl+F2 turns it on then Ctrl+F3 turns it off. Great for using pot heads, planting seeds from your gift box, whatever!

NOTE: The developers of Pot Farm don't mind us using programs like this, but they don't support it either. If it causes you to sell or lose or buy something by mistake they can't fix it for you. So use it carefully and at your own risk.


You can pick what you want your character to look like. Simply click on the store, then Appearance. There are free skins and ones you can buy.

Here's a tip. Buy FREE stuff for opposite sex avatars. Use this trick to help earn your PURCHASE HEADS award!

Awards: This site has a whole page on AWARDS.

BATS: /info.php#bats

Fat Bats first released with the 2012 Halloween Theme on October 12, 2012. They've been back for short periods of time since then. On June 7, 2013, several FAT BAT QUESTS were added. They are untimed quests, and fat bats are now a regular item to purchase. Find them in the store under BUILDINGS!

You used to buy "mystery bundles" to get fat bats, but they changed the name of the bundles to simply FAT BATS. They're in the store under Buildings. (If buying one is a requirement, you can simply click on GO THERE in the quest info and click BUY from the info page.)

After buying a FAT BAT, you upgrade it with 10 EACH Chocolates, Fancy Snacks, Pufflers, Second Breakfasts. (Get the stuff you need from GIFTS!) That turns the bundle into a Baby Bat. Finish upgrading with 10 helpers and you get one of the 5 Fat Bat contraptions shown. (Click pictures for more details.)

June 2013: NEW BAT ADDED! The Cheesy Fat Bat is a jackpot/mystery seed contraption. There are now a total of 6 Fat Bats available from buying the Fat Bat in the store!

Cheesy Fat BatJersey Fat BatPurple Fat BatBrown Fat BatAlbino Fat BatTabby Fat BatBaby BatFat Bat

July 2013 Note: Pot Farm's contest on their wall to name a "royal baby bat" was just a joke. It's not in the game. (They never said it was.) It could be added some day, but it was simply meant as a fun community thing on the wall to lampoon the Royal baby buzz.

THEME FAT BATS are not shown above because they are not available from buying fat bats in the store!

Dec 2013: The XMAS FAT BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him was through Xmas 2013 theme quests.

Mar 2014: The LEPRECHAUN FAT BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him was from St Patrick's Day 2014 theme quests.

Apr 2014: The FAT UNCLE FLOYD BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him was from 420 2014 theme quests.

July 2014: The SUMMER FAT BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him was from Summer Camp theme quests (and Pirate theme quests in 2015).

October 2014: The MASTER TOKA FAT BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him was from the Chronic Quest Pack, "Dank Wars".

November 2014: The BLACK FAT CAT FAT BAT is NOT available from buying fat bats! The only way to get him is from a Thanksgiving 2014 theme quest.

BAT GUANO: /info.php#guano

This is an awesome fertilizer which can be used to make your plants grow INSTANTLY. You can purchase guano for Pot Bucks. The more you buy, the better deal you get.

There are a few guano repeaters in the game.

Jitters is the most popular. He was originally a gift from Pot Farm for signing up for their mailing list. After over 3 years of not being available, as of June 2016, he's now a top prize in a quest pack available for purchase. He generates 1 guano every half hour. Get more info on the "Jitters Page".

To use Guano, click the Guano icon, then click a plant and it will be ready to harvest immediately. This is especially awesome for the multi-day crops! You can also click the multi-tool and select 4x fertilize.

NOTE: When you USE guano from your gift box, it gets added to your total guano on the lower left of the game.

As of JULY 26, 2013, you can USE GUANO ON CONTRAPTIONS! See more info on the Contraption Page.

You can get guano from newsfeed posts when your neighbors collect and share. Players can collect up to 50/day (from any source). The following images show the different newsfeed posts from which you can collect free guano. (Hover over an image for it's name. Click on an image for more info.)

Black DragonBrown Fat BatBudsicleChocolate StarfishCookie Big PigCrusty CupidCuzco the LlamaGiant Big GlugGiant Bismo BottleGravy BoatJersey Fat BatJittersMall SantaMark CamelNaked Stoned Chick (pink)Purple Fat BatSmokeyThinmanWeedergizer Bunny
Electric Sheep


Blaze Runner seeds and Quest for ELECTRIC SHEEP added Dec 5, 2011. (Electric Sheep offers 60 protection on 1 space.) You DID NOT need to play Blazerunner to do this quest. Players collected newsfeed posts from neighbors who did play. The following info is from when Dec 2011. The blaze runner game NO LONGER shares blaze runner seeds.)

blaze_high_score blaze_high_score

This is a shot of the type of posts we're looking for to score a Blaze Runner seed.

It appears that lot of people can collect from them. However you need to be friends with the person who posts it. Here's the link to see ONLY posts from the Blaze Runner app: (If it says "no posts to show", that's because none of your friends have posted from the Blaze Runner app.)

This Blaze Runner phone app HIGH SCORE POST is what gets you a blaze runner seed for the quest. (Note the title: "That is a BLAZING high score!" and that it is published "via Blaze Runner".) There is another, more common, Blaze Runner post that does NOT have the Collect Blaze Runner Seed link on it. There is nothing wrong with those. They just don't get you the seed you need!

blaze_high_score blaze_high_score

When you then plant and harvest a blaze runner seed, you get progress in the quest shown below. You can also post about it, and your neighbors will get a mystery seed. These are two completely different posts. Again, sharing when you harvest a blaze runner seed ONLY gets neighbors mystery seeds, NOT more blaze runner and NO quest progress.

blaze runner app

To the get the Blaze Runner app for your iPhone or Android (and to be a big hit with all your neighbors), players went to the Blaze Runner Facebook page.

If you played the game and got a high score (or NEW high score), you'd hit "Give up" it would then let you post to Facebook (big blue F) or Twitter (big lite blue T) then a window would pop up for you to post the seed. If you only saw the sheep, then it would NOT post a seed, just your score.

Boxes: See "PRIZE CRATES" below.

Camera: See "PHOTOS OF YOUR FARM" below.

CANNOT CONNECT: /info.php#connect

If you're having trouble playing Pot Farm on Facebook, it could be Facebook that's having a problem. Check to see if it's Facebook or just you.

If Facebook is okay, but you still can't connect, contact support.

CHICKS: /info.php#chicks

All the chicks from various themes are listed below. These came from various mystery eggs. After building the eggs and getting helpers, they became one of these. (Click pictures for more info.)

NOTE: Not all eggs give all types of chicks. For example, the latest "Easter Eggs" only give purple, orange, albino and hippie chicks.

SEE NEW CHART BELOW the pictures for info on all chicks!

Hippie ChickAlbino ChickOrange ChickPurple ChickRobot ChickenWalrus ChickTie-Dye Chick3D ChickShiva Cheeba ChickMutant DickBlob ChickLolcutest ChickWookee ChickNaked Stoned Chick (pink)Green Stoned ChickBlue Stoned ChickYellow Stoned Chick
Chick (click for details)start
progenerates thisEveryShares
Hippie Chick2014-04-15 -150 Cocoa Bunny 50X (3) Cocoa Bunny 20X
Albino Chick2014-04-15 -150 Cocoa Bunny 20X (1) Cocoa Bunny 9X
Orange Chick2014-04-15 -150 Cocoa Bunny 9X (1) Cocoa Bunny 4X
Purple Chick2014-04-15 -150 Cocoa Bunny 4X (1) Cocoa Bunny 1X
Robot Chicken2013-05-07 0 Robobud 20x (1) none
Walrus Chick2012-07-17 500 Thunderfudk 3X (1) Alaska Thunderfudk 1X
Tie-Dye Chick2012-07-17 500 Psychedelic Sensi 1X (1) Psychedelic Sensi 1X
3D Chick2012-07-17 500 Psychedelic Sensi 30X (Superdelic) (1) Psychedelic Sensi 4X
Shiva Cheeba Chick2012-07-17 -1000 Grim Reefer 20X (Apotcalypse) (1) God Bud 10X
Mutant Dick2012-05-31 -1000 Mystery Seed (1) none
Blob Chick2012-05-31 500 Romulan Grapefruit (1) none
Lolcutest Chick2012-05-31 500 Alien Kush 9X (1) Alien Kush 1X
Wookee Chick2012-05-31 500 Wookee Weed 1X (1) Wookee Weed 1X
Naked Stoned Chick (pink)2012-03-30 1000 Bat Guano (2) Bat Guano
Green Stoned Chick2012-03-30 250 Mental Floss 1X (1) none
Blue Stoned Chick2012-03-30 200 Aussie Blues 1X (1) none
Yellow Stoned Chick2012-03-30 200 Cheese 2X (1) none
Chick (click for details)start
progenerates thisEveryShares
Cocoa Pods Cocoa Tree Cocoa Tree Cocoa Tree

COCOA TREES & PODS: /info.php#cocoa

These are the Small Cocoa Tree, the Cocoa Tree, and the Cocoa Tree Grove. When you get them they are fully grown. They produce cocoa pods every 48 hours which sell for 80 coins each. (DO NOT SELL THE PODS! They are used in the brownie machine.)

Cocoa Trees are available as prizes for doing the Brownie Machine Quests.

Cocoa Trees come in 3 sizes:

The small cocoa tree takes up 4 spaces and gives 54 protection. Generates 20 Cocoa Pods & 64 xp every 48 hours. When you earn this and get it in your gift box, it will tell you can sell it for 5,200 coins. DO NOT SELL IT. Brownie Machines rock and you'll need this to produce pods.

The cocoa tree takes up 9 spaces and gives 220 protection. Generates 60 Cocoa Pods & 128 xp every 48 hours. When you earn this and get it in your gift box, it will tell you can sell it for 22,900 coins. DO NOT SELL IT. Brownie Machines rock and you'll need this to produce pods. This has been offered for sale for a limited time on occasion. Cost was $229 pot bucks.

The Cocoa Tree Grove takes up 16 spaces and gives 600 protection. Generates 120 Cocoa Pods & 1,200 xp every 48 hours. When you earn this and get it in your gift box, it will tell you can sell it for 6,900 coins. DO NOT SELL IT. Brownie Machines rock and you'll need this to produce pods.

When you collect from the cocoa trees, you can share cocoa pods with your neighbors.

Contests: See "LEADERBOARD" below .

Contraptions: This site has a whole page on CONTRAPTIONS.

Crates: See "PRIZE CRATES" below.

Critters: This site has a whole page on CRITTERS.

Daily Bread (Income): This site has a whole page on DAILY BREAD.

Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Baby Dragon Baby Dragon Baby Dragon Baby Dragon Baby Dragon

DRAGONS (Puffers):   /info.php#dragons

First spotted on July 9, 2011, Red Dragons, officially referred to as "Puffers", finally released to the public on November 22, 2011!

Puffers are earned through QUESTS. (See complete details on the QUESTS PAGE.) Both are "repeaters". The Baby Red Puffer generates 100xp and Medical Dragon 3X seeds every 24 hours. When you collect from the baby, you can share a Medical Dragon 1X. The Big Red Puffer generates 100xp and Puff Passes. There is no sharing when you collect from the the Big Red Puffer.

Although released during the 2011 Fantasy Theme, the quests to earn the Puffers DO NOT have an expiration date, so they will remain available after the 2011 Fantasy theme is over.

GREEN dragons (regular and the baby) were released in June 2012 as part of the Wonderland theme. They were quest prizes.

There is no word yet on the other color puffers. Click these links to discuss Puffers.

Email List: See "MAILING LIST" below.

EYES:   /info.php#eyes

Until July 2012, eyes have simply been a store item offering protection.

"Eye-Nigma" was a limited time "prize crate" available from July 9-13 and 25-27, 2012). It was found under the Tending tab for $14 $10 pot bucks. Just like regular prize crates, you bougt one and you got a mystery prize. You could score one of the new Psychedelic Sensi repeaters, the new Big Hypno Eye, the Big Dilated Eye or one of the existing eyes (blue, golden, big, evil, green or violet), or who-knows-what else! (You could also get other things besides eyes.) However, with these, the prizes were mostly eye-related.

Big Dilated EyeBig Hypno EyeEye-Nigma (Crate)Golden EyeEvil EyeGreen EyeViolet EyeBlue EyeBig Eye

Fat Bats: See "BATS" above.

FEATURED ITEMS: /info.php#featured

Featured items are special items not available in any section of the store. They appear only on the FEATURED ITEM BAR at the bottom of the page when you visit the store. NOTE: Only 6 items can fit on the featured item bar at one time. If there are a bunch of items currently available, you may need to close the store and open it again to see the other items. (Sometimes, you may need to do this several times to find what you're looking for.)

FEED REWARDS: /info.php#brag

UPDATED! Feed Rewards were having problems not showing up after collecting them for some time now. On 9/11/13, most of the "feed rewards" were changed to common mystery seed sources and the rest were made to give surprise seeds. These posts count toward the new daily limits of 50 mystery seeds from common sources and 200 surprise seeds.

Feed Rewards first began on November 5, 2010, giving you rewards for clicking on your friends' regular wall posts (the "brag" posts about items you purchased, leveling up, getting awards, and mooching too. You can earn coins, XP or a combo of both. Your rewards will show up in your gift box.

Here's a list of what you get for each of the bonuses:

  • Award posts = 100 Coins + 10xp Mystery Seed (common source)
  • Level up posts = 100 Coins + 5xp Mystery Seed (common source)
  • BUSTED posts = 5 xp Mystery Seed (UNcommon source)
  • Daily Bread posts (limited to first 8 players to click post) = 100 Coins Surprise Seed
  • Crate share = Surprise Seed
  • Buying Item posts = 4xp (Most items no longer offer shares after buying. I'm trying to find out if all item buy shares have been removed.)
  • Mooch a Gift posts = 25 Coins Discontinued 8/3/11
  • Completing a Quest = 200 Coins Discontinued 5/10/13
  • Buying Contraption posts = 50 Coins Discontinued 5/10/13
  • Avatar posts (buying outfit) = 200 Coins + 30 xp Appears to have been Discontinued (9/11/13)
  • Leaderboard posts (moving up on leaderboard) = 25 Coins Appears to have been Discontinued (9/11/13)

For info on other types of feed posts: See "NEWS FEED POSTS" below.

Fertilizer: See "BAT GUANO" above.

FLOYD:   /info.php#floyd

aka "Farmer Floyd", "Uncle Floyd". Check out his twitter page.

Pot Farm, Grow Pot, Weed, Facebook, games, game


Here's how it worked. When you got a Floyd Freakout popup, you'd choose friends to post links on their walls. The first 50 players to click those links got an xp bonus equal to their level. A level 7 user would get 7xp. A level 90 player would get 90xp. They appeared in your gift box as "feed reward".

Although this feature was cancelled in late August 2011, old Floyd Freakout links continued to work for a long time (so a number of sites and Facebook pages shared them). The devs finally blocked the old Floyd Freakout bonus links in April 2013. Considering this feature was removed from the game so long ago, it really should be no big surprise.

FLIPPING ITEMS: /info.php#flip

As of October 21, 2010, you can flip items horizontally. Just click on your WALK button (the boot icon). Then click on the item and you'll see the option to flip (along with options to move or sell the item). This allows your critters to be more social and your farm to just have more feng shui in general. Click HERE for illustrations.

Gifts: This site has a whole page on GIFTS.

GIVEAWAY LINKS: /info.php#giveaway

Pot Farm regularly posts links for free stuff on their fan page (click FANS in the game.) As of January 1, 2016, this site no longer reposts them. I recommend following (and bookmarking) this FACEBOOK LIST of PF Giveaways and PFI news & tips. This list will show you all posts by Pot Farm (which is the source for the freebie links.) The list also includes posts from the following pages: Guru Steve, Pot Farm Info: Your Complete Unofficial Guide to Pot Farm, Pot Farm Info University, Pot Farm Aid, and Pot Farm Moocher Pro. You can find this list any time by clicking the "PFI POSTS" link on this site (under "hot links")

Pot Farm, Grow Pot, Weed, Facebook, games, game


MARCH 8, 2012 UPDATE: BringIt, the company behind Gold Rush, was acquired so Gold Rush was shut down. There was nothing Pot Farm could do.

The following info is just to let you know what Gold Rush WAS...

Pot Farm offers a fun mini-game. You access it from a tab at the top of the game that says "Gold Rush".

The tutorial is free and there is a free play option. However, when you bet an amount, you are betting your pot bucks and stand a chance of losing them. I recommend trying the free version a few times and see what scores you get. Then, check the payout schedule to see what, if anything, you would have won. (The payout schedule changes depending on the bet amount chosen.) Don't worry. Selecting an amount won't automatically start the game. It will ask you to confirm that you want to place a bet (and agree to the terms of the game).

Pot Farm, Grow Pot, Weed, Facebook, games, game
    Features added Mar 15, 2011:
  • Daily Bonus: Each day that you play a Solo or Tournament game in Gold Rush, you earn a Daily Bonus. Play several days in a row, and the bonuses get better each day!
  • Gifting: Players can now send Gold Rush bonuses to their friends as gifts. The more you play, the more and better gifts you can send.
  • Promotions: From time to time, they'll run promotions, like a "Happy Hour" where everyone who visits Gold Rush during that hour receives a bonus. You can even choose to be notified in advance about the next promotion to make sure you don't miss out!
  • Bonuses and gifts that will be available include boosts to prize payouts, free games, entry into exclusive tournaments.

GRASS ROOTS: /info.php#grassroots  

GRASS ROOTS is a game for Android devices (tablets and mobile phones) from the makers of Pot Farm. There is also "Bud Farm". Neither of these are the same as Pot Farm on Facebook.


GridClicker ("Guy's Gridclicker") /info.php#grid

Download the handy GridClicker! Free, easy to use, and saves SO MUCH clicking!

Guano: See "BAT GUANO" above.

Helpers: See "UPGRADING" below.

HIGHlighting Feature

HIGHlighting Feature on Pot Farm Info Charts: /info.php#high

There is so much information on Pot Farm Info that the charts can be a little confusing. Most charts throughout the site allow you to highlight a row and column. Simply click a field on the chart and it will highlight the row and column.

Pot Farm, Grow Pot, Weed, Facebook, games, game Pot Farm, Grow Pot, Weed, Facebook, games, game

HOOKAH PIPE: GIFT (Decoration): /info.php#hookah

Hookah pipes have had a strange history. See details for the hookah pipe.

HYDROPONICS: This site has a whole page on HYDROPONICS.

ITEMS: This site has a whole page on ITEMS.

Jackpot Boxes: See "PRIZE CRATES" below.

Jackpot Seeds: See the "MYSTERY SEED" page.

JITTERS THE CHIHUAHUA: /info.php#jitters

Jitters the chihuahua

There are a few guano repeaters in the game. JITTERS is the most popular. He was ORIGINALLY a gift from Pot Farm for signing up for their mailing list. He generates 1 guano every half hour.

JITTERS was introduced in November 2010. He takes up one space and offers 30 protection. He only sells for 1 coin, so he's not intended to sell for profit.

JITTERS wasn't always a repeater. On March 3, 2011, he became a repeater and started generating guano every 12 hours. In 2012, he was cranked up to produce a guano every HALF HOUR! When you collect guano from JITTERS, you can share it with your friends.

On Jan 24, 2013, the devs posted this update on Jitters... "Recently, Jitters has been dognapped by Ranger Dick! He has him locked up somewhere and the devs haven't found where! There will be no Jitters available for the time being. NO LINKS FOR JITTERS, NO JITTERS!"

In June 2016, they released a QUEST PACK that you could buy to earn Jitters. See Feelin' Jittery.

Scoring Guano from Friends Jitters the Chihuahua Share Guano Jitters the chihuahua Jitters the chihuahua

LAND: This site has a whole page on LAND.


LEADERBOARD! /info.php#leader

Make it onto the leaderboard and you can win daily prizes! Click the CONTESTS tab to see the leaderboard, then be sure to click the button marked 'click to see if you've won a prize' every day! At the very least, you'll get the latest seasonal seed.

  1. Top three places among ALL players (global), you should get...
  2. 1. Jackpot Seed
  3. 2. Jackpot Seed
  4. 3. Jackpot Seed
  1. Top three places among your neighbors, you should get...
  2. 1. Jackpot Seed
  3. 2. Mystery Seed
  4. 3. Bat Guano

LEPRECHAUNS: UPDATED FOR 2012   /info.php#lep

Barfing Leprechaun

2012 LEPRECHAUN REPORT: Leprechauns are back for St. Patrick's Day 2012. They are NOT available as found critters this year though. Happy and Lost are both available in the store under the protection tab. Ale and Puffy are repeaters and are available in the store. These two are only on found the featured bar of the store, so you'll need to reload the store until you see them. Lucky was just added back on March 19th, available for only one day! See below or click the links for details.

They've also released a Barfing Leprechaun (charming, right?) that offers 2500 protection on just 2 spaces. He can be earned by doing a quest or purchased in the store.

There are five different leprechauns. However, as of early May 2011, the developers turned off leprechauns. They may come back some day, but for now you can no longer get them. (In early October 2011, they were showing up in mystery/jackpot boxes.)

Lucky Leprechaun Happy Leprechaun

Leprechauns that you could only get by doing chores (visiting neighbors):

Happy (aka TP): Uncommon. Offers 14 protection and 500 daily coins.

Lucky: Uncommon. Offers 5 protection and 500 daily coins.

Puffy Leprechaun Ale-prechaun Lost Leprechaun

These three were available as found items (critters):

Lost: Most common. Offers 9 protection and gives 250 daily coins.

Ale-prechaun: Medium common. Offers 8 protection, 150 daily coins, and 24 Hemp Ale and 12xp every 4 hours.

Puffy: Least common. Offers 4 protection, 250 daily coins, and 1 Acapulco Gold seed and 25 xp every 24 hours.

LEVELING: This site has a whole page on LEVELING.

Light of Jah

Light of Jah - Plant grown ONLY from Jackpot Seeds   /info.php#jah

Released May 15, 2012. It's the highest XP plant in the game! Light of Jah gives 2500 XP for harvesting and can only be found in Jackpot Seeds! They also cleaned out some of the old plants and made room for more MUNCHIES! Details on awards for harvesting this new plant are posted on the AWARDS PAGE!


ONE MILLION "LIKES":   /info.php#million

Pot Farm reached ONE MILLION LIKES on their FAN PAGE in June 2012! Here's a link to their post where they gave away ONE FREE BACON TREE. The offer was good for 24 hours (from about 4:30pm (pacific time) Saturday through Sunday).

Their MILLION LIKES QUESTS were only for a limited time and expired on June 17, 2012.

Feedback Feature

LIMITS: UPDATED MAY 2013 /info.php#limits

Before May 2013: Limits always worked on a 24 hour rolling basis. That meant that if you got all 4 mystery seeds from a particular type of post at once, you had to wait 24 hours to get any more. However, if you got one every hour, then 24 hours from when you got your first one, you'd be able to get one more. Then another in an hour, etc. This was a little confusing, so Pot Farm came out with a "Feedback Feature" to help Pot Farmers track how many seeds we have claimed and show us when we can claim more!

After May 2013: Limits now reset every day at the same time when daily bread comes out (10pm PDT). This applies to returning gifts and collecting from newsfeed posts. This is so much simpler than before!

The image above is an example of the notice you get when you claim seeds. Click here to discuss.

To see what all the limits are for the News Feed posts, see NEWS FEED POSTS below.

LOTTERY: /info.php#lottery

Pot Farm Lottery. Randomly win a prize! This feature was introduced March 18, 2013.

There is nothing you need to do, except play Pot Farm. Lucky winners will see a Facebook notification from Pot Farm that they've won. Click that to collect your free seeds.

Here's the word I got from the devs:

"This is a random lottery. Players will be picked every day and will win an awesome prize. The more you play Pot Farm the better your chances are. We aren't saying how many players per day or what they will win or not - that is the fun of it... who knows?"

NOTE: If you haven't scored from the lottery, you might want to check your notification settings for the app. You must have Pot Farm notifications turned on to see these. Click here to check your settings. Find Pot Farm on the list and click Edit. Check your setting for "When to notify you?" If it's set to never, you'll probably never win.

Love Pig Rosy Love Pig Choco Love Pig Bubbly Love Pig

LOVE PIGS: /info.php#lovepig

First released for Valentine's Day 2011, the Love Pig, Rosy Love Pig, Choco Love Pig and Bubbly Love Pig each take up 2 spaces, offer +22 protection, and sell for 2,500 coins. Visit the CRITTERS PAGE for more details.

Starting Mar 16, 2011, the Love Pigs became "repeaters" (bonus items) giving ingredients for the Sweet Love contraptions every 12 hours. When you collect the product from them, you can share some with your neighbors:

  1. Choco Love Pig=Chocolates
  2. Love Pig=Love Oil
  3. Rosy Love Pig=Roses
  4. Bubbly Love Pig=Champagne
new years pig

NEW YEARS PIG released 12/30/11   /info.php#nypg

It's similar to the Bubbly Love Pig with double the protection (44 instead of 22). Like the Bubbly Love Pig, it generates Champagne, but this pig generates FIVE every 12 hours (for the Love In or Love Machine contraptions).

MAILING LIST: /info.php#mail

Click "VIP" in the TOP banner of the game. Email is sent to your main Facebook email address.

MISSING STUFF: /info.php#missing

If you lose something or even accidentally sell it, report it to the DEVs DIRECTLY (but nicely, please). Learn how to report it. We all understand the frustration of losing a structure you spent big bucks on, but try and understand the frustration on the other end, the people who have to read your emails/messages.

Mooching Gifts: Visit the GIFT PAGE.

MOVING THINGS: /info.php#moveit

You can move things around your farm, by clicking on the 4-way arrow icon, then clicking on the object you want to move. Simply drag and drop to the new location. (Many items cannot be moved while in the process of being upgraded.) For 150 puff puff points, you can move crops (handy if you want to move important things to a place to save for harvesting later).

Mystery Boxes: See "PRIZE CRATES" below.

MYSTERY GIFTS: This site has a whole page on MYSTERY GIFTS.

MYSTERY SEEDS: This site has a whole page on MYSTERY and JACKPOT SEEDS.

NEIGHBORS - Visiting: Visit your neighbors farm and you'll be asked if you want to help out. This is referred to as doing "chores". Agree and you'll be rewarded with XP! You can earn XP when you visit each neighbor's farm up to a max of 1 time per 8 hour period. That means, if you're a ninja, you can visit each neighbor's farm 3 times per day (each neighbor, 3 times, 24 hours).

Sometimes you'll get a special different page offering you a wide variety things. Sometimes it's just one. Sometimes it's a bunch!

2/5/13 update: Due to a change in Facebook's wall sharing policy, visiting neighbors no longer allows shares (chore posts).

Pot Farm in the News

NEWS: Pot Farm in the News 4/26/12! /info.php#news

Pot Farm was briefly discussed on WHNT 19 News (Huntsville, Alabama) on April 26, 2012. It was nothing but a fluff piece, but you can see a transcript and WATCH IT HERE!

My favorite quote on the news report came at the very end from "reasonable cop": "I don't think it teaches you how to be a pot farmer or a pot grower, no more than a dungouns and dragons game would teach you how to be a dragon slayer," said Chief Ray.


NEWS FEED POSTS: /info.php#newsfeed

BIG CHANGES TO NEWS FEED LIMITS MADE SEPT 10, 2013. Here's a list of the new DAILY LIMITS: Check out the new SHARING PAGE on this guide for more info.

  • 1) Mystery Seeds Common Source: Daily limit = 50
  • 2) Mystery Seeds Uncommon Source: Daily limit = 50
  • 3) Surprise Seeds: Daily limit = 200
  • 4) Guano: Daily limit = 50
  • 5) Puff Puff: Daily limit = 3
  • 6) Pot Heads: Daily limit = 1000
  • 7) Products: Daily limit = 25
  • 8) Critters (Puffles): Daily limit = 5
  • 9) 20x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 5
  • 10) 9x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 5
  • 11) 4x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 12) 1x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 25
  • 13) 20x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 14) 9x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 15) 4x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 25
  • 16) 1x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 50
  • 17) Bankers Bud: Daily limit = 5
  • 18) Hashmix: Daily limit = 20
  • 19) Variable Theme Weed (Not Currently Used): Daily limit = 25
  • 20) Variable Non-Theme Weed (Map Seed, 7 Strains, Blue Ribbon Sack, Stocking Sack): Daily limit = 25
  • 21) Special Viral (Cultists): Daily limit = 200
  • 22) The Doctor: Daily limit = 20

*Common or uncommon (rare)? See the PFI MYSTERY SEED PAGE for details.

As of May 2013, all limits reset at 10pm Pacific Time.

REPEATERS: To see what REPEATERS produce and what they share, visit the REPEATERS PAGE.

SEED SHARE LIMITS /info.php#seedsharelimits

Harvest thisShare this"DAILY LIMIT"
Number you can collect per day
This many players can collect from a post
420 Blues 20XSurprise Seed2005
420 Blues 4XSurprise Seed2005
420 Blues 9XSurprise Seed2005
8 Bit Bud 20XSurprise Seed2005
8 Bit Bud 4XSurprise Seed2005
8 Bit Bud 9XSurprise Seed2005
Acapulco Gold 1XMystery Seed505
Acapulco Gold 2XMystery Seed505
Acapulco Gold 3XBlonde Hashmix205
Alfirindica 20XAlfirindica 9X
Alfirindica 4XAlfirindica 1X
Alfirindica 9XAlfirindica 4X
Alien Kush 20XSurprise Seed2005
Alien Kush 4XSurprise Seed2005
Alien Kush 50XSurprise Seed2005
Alien Kush 9XSurprise Seed2005
Amnesia HazeBlue Ribbon Seed Sack255
Ancient OG 20XAncient OG 9X
Ancient OG 4XAncient OG 1X
Ancient OG 9XAncient OG 4X
Apotcalypse (Grim Reefer 20X)Grim Reefer 9X258
Apotcalypse 3X (Grim Reefer 60X)Apotcalypse 1X (Grim Reefer 20X)258
Backpacker Bud 100X?
Backpacker Bud 20XSurprise Seed200?
Backpacker Bud 4XSurprise Seed200?
Backpacker Bud 9XSurprise Seed200?
Bacon TreeMystery Seed505
Ball Gag BushMystery Seed (rare)
Banana Kush 20XSurprise Seed2008
Banana Kush 4XSurprise Seed2008
Banana Kush 50XSurprise Seed2008
Banana Kush 9XSurprise Seed2008
Banker's Bud 1XMystery Seed505
Banker's Bud 3XMystery Seed500
Bashful Bud7 Strains Seed252
BC Bud 20XSurprise Seed2005
BC Bud 4XSurprise Seed2005
BC Bud 9XSurprise Seed2005
Belladonna 20XSurprise Seed2005
Belladonna 4XSurprise Seed2005
Belladonna 9XSurprise Seed2005
Birthday Bud 20XBirthday Bud 9X
Black Diamond 20XBlack Diamond 9X55
Black Diamond 4XBlack Diamond 1X255
Black Diamond 9XBlack Diamond 4X105
Black Pearl Cabbage?
Blaze Runner 1XMystery Seed505
Blood Berry Bud 20XBlood Berry Bud 9X
Blood Berry Bud 4XBlood Berry Bud 1X
Blood Berry Bud 9XBlood Berry Bud 4X
Bloody Mary Jane 20XBloody Mary Jane 9X55
Bloody Mary Jane 4XBloody Mary Jane 1X255
Bloody Mary Jane 9XBloody Mary Jane 4X105
Blue Dream Kush 9XBlue Dream Kush 1X
Brain PlantMystery Seed (common)505
Cajun Kush 20XSurprise Seed2005
Cajun Kush 4XSurprise Seed2005
Cajun Kush 9XSurprise Seed2005
Candy Heart BushMystery Seed505
Cash Crop 100X?
Cash Crop 20X?
Cash Crop 50X?
Cheezo BushMystery Seed505
Cheezo Bush (Double)Mystery Seed (rare)505
Chocolate Chunk 20XSurprise Seed2005
Chocolate Chunk 4XSurprise Seed2005
Chocolate Chunk 50XSurprise Seed2005
Chocolate Chunk 9XSurprise Seed2005
Christmas Kush 10XSurprise Seed2008
Christmas Kush 3XSurprise Seed2008
Chronergy VineMystery Seed (common)505
Chronic Charms 20XSurprise Seed2005
Chronic Charms 4XSurprise Seed2005
Chronic Charms 9XSurprise Seed2005
Clover Seed?
Cocoa Bunny 20xSurprise Seed200?
Cocoa Bunny 4xSurprise Seed200?
Cocoa Bunny 50XSurprise Seed200?
Cocoa Bunny 9xSurprise Seed200?
Colombian Gold 20XColombian Gold 9X
Colombian Gold 4XColombian Gold 1X
Colombian Gold 9XColombian Gold 4X
Cookie BushMystery Seed505
Cotton Candy Kush 20XCotton Candy Kush 9X
Cotton Candy Kush 4XCotton Candy Kush 1X
Cotton Candy Kush 9XCotton Candy Kush 4X
Cranberry Kush 20XCranberry Kush 9X55
Cranberry Kush 4XCranberry Kush 1X255
Cranberry Kush 9XCranberry Kush 4X105
Danky Doc7 Strains Seed252
Danny Boy 4XSurprise Seed2005
Danny Boy 9XSurprise Seed2005
Ditch Weed 4XSurprise Seed20020
Ditch Weed 9XSurprise Seed20020
Donut TreeMystery Seed505
Dopey Doobs7 Strains Seed252
Double Mac n Cheese BushMystery Seed505
Enigma 20XEnigma 9X55
Enigma 4XEnigma 1X505
Enigma 9XEnigma 4X255
Ghost Weed 20xSurprise Seed2005
Ghost Weed 4xSurprise Seed2005
Ghost Weed 50XSurprise Seed2005
Ghost Weed 9xSurprise Seed2005
God Bud 20X?
God Bud 50X?
Grand Hustle 20X?
Greasy Ganja 20XSurprise Seed2005
Greasy Ganja 4XSurprise Seed2005
Greasy Ganja 9XSurprise Seed2005
Green Dragon 3XGreen Dragon 1X5010
Grim Reefer 4XSurprise Seed2005
Grim Reefer 9XSurprise Seed2005
Grumpy Ganja7 Strains Seed252
Halloween 10XSurprise Seed2005
Halloween 20XSurprise Seed2005
Halloween 4XSurprise Seed2005
Halloween 50xSurprise Seed2005
Happy Herb7 Strains Seed252
Harvest Moon 20X?
Harvest Moon 4XSurprise Seed2005
Harvest Moon 9XSurprise Seed2005
Hawaiian Snow 100XIce Cubes255
Hawaiian Snow 50XIce Cubes255
Head Banger 100X?
Head Banger 20X?
Head Banger 4X?
Head Banger 50X?
Head Banger 9X?
Head Shrinker 20XSurprise Seed2005
Head Shrinker 4XSurprise Seed2005
Head Shrinker 50XSurprise Seed2005
Head Shrinker 9XSurprise Seed2005
Hemp 100X?
Holly Berry 20XSurprise Seed2008
Holly Berry 4XSurprise Seed2008
Holly Berry 9XSurprise Seed2008
Hollywood Kush (OG Kush 20X)Surprise Seed2008
Holobud 20XHolobud 9X
Holobud 9XHolobud 1X
Ice Weed 20XSurprise Seed2005
Ice Weed 4XSurprise Seed2005
Ice Weed 9XSurprise Seed2005
Jelly Bean TreeMystery Seed505
Jingle Buds 20XSurprise Seed2005
Jingle Buds 4XSurprise Seed2005
Jingle Buds 9XSurprise Seed2005
Jurassic Pot 20XJurassic Pot 9X55
Jurassic Pot 4XJurassic Pot 1X505
Jurassic Pot 9XJurassic Pot 4X255
Light of Jah 1XMystery Seed505
Light of Jah 20XMystery Seed505
Light of Jah 9XMystery Seed505
Love Potion 20XSurprise Seed2005
Love Potion 4XSurprise Seed2005
Love Potion 9XSurprise Seed2005
Mac N Cheese BushMystery Seed505
Map SeedTreasure Map Seed255
Meat PlantMystery Seed505
Merlin's Dream 20XSurprise Seed2005
Merlin's Dream 4XSurprise Seed2005
Merlin's Dream 9XSurprise Seed2005
Mystery SeedMystery Seed505
Mystic Key Vine 1XMystery Seed505
Mystic Key Vine 2XMystery Seed505
OG Kush 4XSurprise Seed2005
OG Kush 9XSurprise Seed2005
Panama Red 1XMystery Seed505
People's Pot 1X (gift only)People's Pot 4X2515
People's Pot 20XBankers Bud51
People's Pot 4XPeople's Pot 9X1010
People's Pot 9XPeople's Pot 20X105
Pie CabbageMystery Seed505
Pineapple Express 20XSurprise Seed2005
Pineapple Express 4XSurprise Seed2005
Pineapple Express 50XSurprise Seed200?
Pineapple Express 9XSurprise Seed2005
Pineapple Punch 4XSurprise Seed20010
Pineapple Punch 9XSurprise Seed2005
Pink Bunny 20XSurprise Seed2005
Pink Bunny 4XSurprise Seed2005
Pink Bunny 50XSurprise Seed2005
Pink Bunny 9XSurprise Seed2005
Pipe Weed 20XPipe Weed 9X
Pipe Weed 4XPipe Weed 1X
Pipe Weed 9XPipe Weed 4X
Pizza FlowerMystery Seed505
Planta Claus 1X (gift only)Planta Claus 4X258
Planta Claus 20XHolly Berry 50X8
Planta Claus 4XPlanta Claus 9X258
Planta Claus 9XPlanta Claus 20X108
Pot Pie Cabbage?
Presidential KushBlue Ribbon Seed Sack255
Psychedelic Sensi 20XSurprise Seed2005
Psychedelic Sensi 4XSurprise Seed2005
Psychedelic Sensi 9XSurprise Seed2005
Pumpkin Pie CabbageMystery Seed505
Purple Widow 20XPurple Widow 9X55
Purple Widow 4XPurple Widow 1X255
Purple Widow 9XPurple Widow 4X105
Red Maple KiefMystery Seed
Ripple Chip PlantMystery Seed505
Robobud 20XSurprise Seed200?
Robobud 4XSurprise Seed200?
Robobud 9XSurprise Seed200?
Royal CaramelBlue Ribbon Seed Sack255
Seaweed 20X?
Seaweed 4X?
Seaweed 9X?
Shishkaberry 20XSurprise Seed200?
Shishkaberry 4XShishkaberry 1X5?
Shishkaberry 50XShishkaberry 20X5?
Shishkaberry 9XShishkaberry 4X5?
Sleepy Sensi7 Strains Seed252
Sneezy Rider7 Strains Seed252
Soylent Green BushMystery Seed (rare)50
Space Weed 20XSpace Weed 9X
Space Weed 9XSpace Weed 1X
Star Bud 1xSurprise Seed200?
Strawberry Cough 1XThe Doctor205
Sub Zero 20XSurprise Seed2008
Sub Zero 4XSurprise Seed2008
Sub Zero 9XSurprise Seed2008
Super Bud 20XSurprise Seed200?
Super Bud 4X (also Flash Bud)Surprise Seed200?
Super Bud 9X (also Flash Bud)Surprise Seed200?
Super Silver Haze 20XSurprise Seed2005
Super Silver Haze 4XSurprise Seed2005
Super Silver Haze 9XSurprise Seed2005
Superdelic (Psychedelic Sensi 30x)Surprise Seed2005
Trick or Treat Seed?
Truffle Plant?
Valhalla Kush 20XValhalla Kush 9X
Valhalla Kush 9XValhalla Kush 1X
Viking Weed 20XViking Weed 9X
Viking Weed 9xViking Weed 1X
Weedful Things Sack?
Weedstock 20XSurprise Seed200?
Weedstock 4XSurprise Seed200?
Weedstock 9XSurprise Seed200?
White Rabbit 20XSurprise Seed2005
White Rabbit 4XSurprise Seed2005
White Rabbit 9XSurprise Seed2005
Wizards Weed 4XSurprise Seed2005
Wizards Weed 9XSurprise Seed2005
Wizards Weed White (20X)Surprise Seed2008
Wookee Weed 100XSurprise Seed200?
Wookee Weed 20XSurprise Seed2005
Wookee Weed 4XSurprise Seed2005
Wookee Weed 9XSurprise Seed2005
xxx 20XSurprise Seed2005
xxx 4XSurprise Seed2005
xxx 50X?
xxx 9XSurprise Seed2005
Zombie PlantMystery Seed (common)505
Old Hippy Gold

OLD HIPPY GOLD: /info.php#oldgold

This old feature allowed you to send Acapulco Gold to your neighbors by sharing a link on their wall. This feature replaced 'Sending Valentines' on February 21, 2011, when the old heart icon was replaced with "Zeke, an old hippy that loves to share the jane". This feature was removed on March 23, 2011 when the icon was replaced by quests.

You could only send Acapulco Gold to people who allowed friends to post to their wall. Likewise, you could only receive AG if you allowed people to post on yours.

Zeke showed up again in July 2013 as a quest prize, Spirit Journey.

PENGUINS: /info.php#penguin

PENGUINS were first released with the 2014 Winter Theme. Penguins are all repeaters that occupy 2 spaces each. They unlocked at level 15. Players bought eggs and hatched them with 25 snow, 25 ice cubes, 10 grow lights, and 3 helpers. Players could buy them individually, or in a pack of 8 which guaranteed one of the 4 "hemperor" penguins. (Click pictures for more details.)

Hemperor Frozen EggFrozen EggAlbino Hemperor PenguinPurple Hemperor PenguinBlue Hemperor PenguinBlack Hemperor PenguinAlbino PenguinPurple PenguinBlue PenguinBlack Penguin
Pot Farm Camera Icon

PHOTOS OF YOUR FARM: /info.php#photos

Want to take a screenshot of your farm? Click the camera icon in the lower left corner of the game.

Pot Farm In-Game Camera

Your icons will be removed and you'll get a camera and a big red X on your farm. Click the camera to snap a photo. Click the red X to cancel.

Pot Farm Request for Permission

When you first click the camera, you'll be asked to allow their fb app to post on your wall.

Each time you take a photo, it will be uploaded into an album named Pot Farm on your Facebook profile. It will also be posted to your wall.

A word of caution: Allowing the camera access can start allowing at least some of your game share posts to go through automatically without showing the Facebook pop-up allowing you to comment or define who sees them. Some people prefer not having the extra step. For hose who don't, go to your Facebook account Application Page. Find Pot Farm and click Edit Settings. Find the option for "Post to my wall" and click remove. That will put things back to normal.

To take screenshots manually, CLICK HERE for step by step instructions. For more options, check out How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows.

POT BUCKS (PBs) - shown as "$" in charts on this site: /info.php#bucks

You can get Pot Bucks several different ways. Certain 3 minute mystery seeds can be sold for PBs. Many awards pay PBs. And you also get PBs for leveling.

You can also purchase pot bucks. When you purchase 750 pot bucks for $49.99, 275 pot bucks for $19.99, or 125 pot bucks for $9.99, you can get a bonus gift. See monthly bonuses here.

If you completed a survey or other offer in the game to earn pot bucks but never got them, go here and click the "Earn FREE Pot Bucks" button, then "HELP", then "STATUS".

POT FARM FAN PAGE (aka 'The Wall'):

The Devs reguarly post helpful information on the Facebook application page for Pot Farm. Find it HERE.

POT HEADS: This site has a whole page on Pot Heads.

PRIVACY ON FACEBOOK (and Friend Lists):

How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster: A great article that explains how to divide your friends into lists (and then decide which list sees what!)

PRIZE CRATES: This site has a whole page on PRIZE CRATES.

When you buy a crate, you're shown 9 boxes to choose from. (This is actually irrelevant as your prize is determined the moment you buy the crate*.) After selecting a box, you're shown 8 "teaser" images of things you didn't get. These are NOT what you would have gotten if you clicked one of the other boxes! The teaser images do show you other items that are indeed available from the crate. However, the frequency that you see rare teasers clearly does not reflect the actual odds of getting those rare items.

Prizes in crates are determined the instant you make the purchase, not when you pick a box. Here's a cool trick to demonstrate this. As soon as you hit buy (or rebuy) for the crates, very quickly click the X in the upper right corner to close the store. Pick a crate, then share (or decline.) Then click buy another. Again, very quickly click the gift box button. (Both of these quick steps may take a few tries. You do them right after clicking the rebuy button.) Now, you've got the gift box showing behind the 9 crate choices. Notice what's showing in the gift box in the upper left corner. Now click any of the 9 boxes. Surprise! You just got what was showing in your gift box. Click share (or decline). and click the rebuy button again. The item in your gift box will change showing the new item you just got from the purchase. Click one of the 9 boxes. Boom! There it is. If you're not quick enough, here's a video that shows how this works.

If you want to see the value of goodies you score, check out the ITEMS page for full details.

Visit the PFI Facebook Page to discuss and see what other players got.

PROTECTION: /info.php#pro

If you check out the SEEDS and ITEMS pages, you'll see that everything has a protection rating. Most weed has a negative protection rating, meaning that it requires that much protection to grow safely. Most items have a positive protection rating, meaning they provide protection for your weed.

You only get protection from plants that are FULLY grown or items that remain IN your field. You do NOT get protection from partially grown plants or items while they are stored in a shed or barn.

If you have fully grown weed plants, and negative protection, you stand a chance of being busted by Ranger Dick who can take some or all of your unprotected weed!

Nothing wilts or dies in this game, so you don't have to worry about your herb going bad, man.

The higher you level up, the better protection items you'll unlock. However, you'll also unlock better weed which requires more protection. Again, for more info, check out the SEEDS and ITEMS pages.

Many players don't bother with protection!

Puff Puff Pass

PUFF PUFF PASS: /info.php#puff

Cool feature allows faster, easier planting, fertilizing, and harvesting. And it runs on pot scotch, pot corn, and most other contraption products! As of August 2011, these are also used with hydroponics. In 2012, they started requiring puff puff for some contraptions.

2013 UPDATE: The puff puff meter now shows points instead of passes. This fixed a common problem of being incorrect and needing to reload. It also makes more sense as multiples of 140 don't mean anything. Now, when you trade products for puff puff you get a popup saying you've made a trade. You still get 140 points for each. When buying puff puff, you'll see a note showing just how many points you'll get added to your puff puff meter. While it's a little strange dealing with such a large number, it's REAL and no math is required. Hopefully, once people get used to the new system, the devs will be okay with getting rid of the "you've made a trade" popups. We are no longer prompted to confirm if we want to use puff puff when planting hydros or starting contraptions that require it. Puff puff is still used.

You can trade in contraption products for refills. That's limited to one trade for each different product every 24 hours.

Clicking on the bottle, will bring up a brief explanation. Click on COOL to go to the buy refill page. If you have any PPP points left at all, your refill will simply be shown as a number over the bottle. The next time you use the points, when you get it down to zero, your refill will automatically fill the bottle.

Once you trade some wine for a refill, it starts the wine refill clock making you wait 24 hours until you can use wine for another refill. During that time, you can trade for refills using other contraption products, each similarly starting their own 24 hour countdown clock until you can repeat the trade.

Even if you've got some multi-day crops growing and you're not going to be using your Puff Puff Points soon, I recommend trading for refills whenever you can, building up a nice reserve.

Here's the feature announcement by the developers:

Hi Farmers,

The devs of Pot Farm have been trying to think up ways to help farmers plant and harvest faster. This has resulted in our latest feature, the 4x Plant and 4x Harvest tool which runs on Puff Puff Points! (As of 5/31/11, a 4x Fertilize tool has also been added.)

Your quick and awesome 4x Harvesting and Planting tool runs on Puff Puff Points which are contained in this..."bottle" here:

If you hover over this bottle you'll see the # of Puff Puff Points you have left. Pretty easy peasy huh! All you need to know is that each plot = 1 Puff Puff Point, and that your Puff Puff meter refills every day on it's own. If you don't want to wait around you can always refill it with the products from contraptions and gifts! :) Keep spare bottles on hand. There's no limit to how many bottle you can keep to charge your tool!


Where can I find Puff Puff Passes?

Under Tending in the Shop!

How can I buy more Puff Puff Points with products?

How can I buy more Puff Puff Points with Pot Bucks?

We hope you love this new feature! ~ The Pot Farm Devs

Anti-Ranger Sign

Puzzle Pieces to earn Ranger Dick Sign: /info.php#puzzle

Released June 10, 2011. Was only available for about a month. From the developers: "If you see a protection puzzle post, click it to find pieces of the puzzle! But watch out, you need to have the right protection rating to unlock each piece! The puzzle will reveal a picture of Ranger Dick in a compromising situation! Unlock all of the pieces to win an exclusive prize!" Man, I hope I'm not too blazed to figure this out! DISCUSS HERE.

You get an Anti-Ranger Sign for completing the puzzle. It offers +50 protection and takes zero spaces. It won't be available in the game elsewhere.

You also get an xp bonus each time you get a puzzle piece. You can get 6 puzzle pieces every 24 hours.

Protection Puzzle Ranger Alert

QUESTS: This site has a whole page on Quests.

RALLIES: This site has a whole page on Rallies.

Rally Grrl: Find complete details on the "Pot Heads Page".

RANGER DICK: /info.php#dick

Ranger Dick is the dude who will bust you and take your crops if your protection falls below zero. See more about protection. You can find his twitter page HERE.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon: /info.php#reddragon

Red Dragon is a seed that unlocks at level 76. Medical Dragon is the same thing but costs pot bucks and unlocks much earlier.

Also, see "DRAGONS (Puffers)" above.

REINDEER: /info.php#reindeer

Reindeer were first released with the 2012 Christmas Theme. They returned for the 2013 Christmas Theme. When available, you find them in the lower left corner of the game. Click the Reindeer icon to buy them.

Players bought "reindeer traps" to get reindeer. Upgrade a reindeer trap with one each Candy Canes, Christmas Cookies and Christmas Lights. Finish upgrading with 3 helpers and you get one of the 9 reindeer shown. (Click pictures for more details.)

Reindeer TracksRudolphVixenCometDasherCupidPrancerDancerDonnerBlitzen

REPEATERS: This site has a whole page on Repeaters.

Rewards Page

REWARDS PAGE: /info.php#reddrrewardsagon

The "rewards page" is the special offer page where you can earn free pot bucks (as shown here).

Rotating Items: See "FLIPPING ITEMS" above.

Pot Bucks Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT: /info.php#scam

Posts in discussion boards offering thousands of Free Facebook Credits are SCAMS! If you click on them, some can even spam your friends or discussion boards without you knowing. Spamming groups can get you banned from them.

If you already clicked on one of these, go to your list of allowed apps and remove anything you don't recognize. Otherwise, the app could spam in your name!

There have been a few valid sites out there that offer Facebook credits in return for completing offers or doing internet searches. However, you WILL NOT get anything for spamming discussion boards. Any site that says you will is a scam. PERIOD!

Screenshots: See "PHOTOS OF YOUR FARM" above.

SEEDS: This site has a whole page on SEEDS.

Sharing Info from this Guide /info.php#share

This guide has lots of great info, so I understand people wanting to share it. That's why you see so many URLs (links) and share buttons in this guide (such as "/info.php#share" above.) Simply click the link in the header for the info you want to share. Then, copy the url in the address bar of your browser and paste that in your post. PLEASE DO NOT post screenshots of this guide. Information changes all the time. Directing people to my guide is a good way to thank me for all the hard work I put into this guide. Thanks!

Sorted and Tabbed Gift Box /info.php#sort

sorted and tabbed gift box

Awesome new feature. The gift box is now sorted and has tabs to filter it. "Plants" actually refers to seeds. "Buildings" includes all items that take up space. "Decorations" are items that don't take up space. "Products" are items that cannot be placed on the farm. "Tending" is just guano and puff passes.

NOTE: This sort does NOT recognize numbers as values. It is strictly alphabetical. You'll see the following order: 10x, 20x, 2X, 3X, 4X, 9X, followed by regular 1X seeds (since they don't use a 1X designation.) Check it out. You'll understand when you see it. Though it would be nice to see all versions of a particular seed type together, ANY type of sort is an improvement.

STOP SIGN ICON: /info.php#stop

This shows up while your farm is busy planting or harvesting. It allows you to stop the action immediately without it completing the actions you told it to do.

STORAGE: This site has a whole page on STORAGE.

Pot Farm Store

Pot Farm Store CLOSED /info.php#store

Shortly after the game released, they opened the "Pot Farm Store" at Sadly, they closed it sometime between October and November 2011. Click to see the archived site. According to one of the developers, "It was costing a lot to run. And not many people were buying." I'll treasure my PF shirt even more now!

SUGAR CANE - limited time versions: /info.php#sugarcane

These seeds were introduced on December 10, 2010 and were only available through early January 2011.

"Super" Cane (4X): This was purchased for $1 pot buck and gave you 4 sugar cane plants on a single plot. It unlocked at level 19, offered 28 protection, 4 planting xp, 16 harvesting xp, grew in 7 hours. The 4 plants grown on a single spot sold for a total of 500 coins.

"Xmas" Sugarcane (1X): This was available as a gift only. It was available to any level, offered 7 protection, 4 harvesting xp, grew in 7 hours, sold for 125 coins.

SUPERCROPPING (2x, 3x, etc. seeds) /info.php#super

Pay double for a seed, get double xp and 2 plants. The individual plants in your stash sell for the same price as before, but now you get twice as many. In some cases, the planting xp isn't exactly double, but in those cases, the harvesting xp makes up for it so the TOTAL of the two is indeed double.

Planting supercrops simply let you accomplish awards more quickly.

2x crops start opening up at level 40. At level 58, we start seeing 3x seeds that get you triple xp and 3 plants.

Supercrop unlock levels and planting/harvesting data are listed in the SEED CHART.

SUPPORT: This site has a whole page on GETTING SUPPORT.

Sweet Love from the Love In

SWEET LOVE: /info.php#sweetlove

This is the product of two contraptions, the Love Machine and the Love In. Visit the contraptions page for details and the awards page to see the awards available. (The top award for Sweet Love is the highest XP ever offered for a contraption!)

Chocolates + Roses + Love Oil + Champagne =

Unfortunately, the ingredients were available as gifts only for a limited time. The 4 ingredients occasionally still show up when visiting neighbors. You can also find them on your news feed when your friends share them.

Love Pig

EXCITING NEWS: Starting Mar 16, 2011, the Love Pigs now give items for the Sweet Love contraptions every 12 hours: Choco Love Pig=Chocolates, Love Pig=Love Oil, Rosy Love Pig=Roses, Bubbly Love Pig=Champagne.

TATTOO: Dozy Tat: /info.php#zombie

Dozy Zombie Dozy Zombie Tattoo Dozy Zombie Tattoo Dozy Zombie Tattoo

A dude just finished getting an awesome Dozy Zombie tattoo! Freakin' SWEET!

This was started in early May 2011 and progress shots were given along the way. This is on the dude's shin so must have hurt like a bugger.

Tattoo artist: Josh Harnowski, Green Bay, WI

Want one of your own? Dozy Zombie flash | Dozy Death flash | Dozy Bunny flash

TOOLBAR: (Obsolete)

The "GURU BAR" TOOLBAR put some handy Pot Farm and Pot Farm Info links at your fingertips. It allowed players to send gifts to anyone (not just neighbors).

In January 2015, I removed the link to the toolbar. The content I included on the toolbar was fine, but I cannot trust the business that I published it through, so I could no longer recommend it.

Here's an article I read that caused me to make this decision.

Gifting with the toolbar had not been possible for a few years, so it shouldn't be too big a loss. I recommend setting up brookmarks in your browser instead.


TWITTER: /info.php#twitter

Visit LDRLY Games, the company who runs Pot Farm at Also visit Farmer Floyd and Ranger P Dick. Pot Farm Info even has a Twitter page where you can follow Pot Farm updates, tips and news at Follow us all!


Ready In Notification

There is a new upgrade symbol on the lower left of upgradable items. You need to click that to do upgrades now. If you can't highlight the small button, try zooming in.

UPGRADING: /info.php#upgrade

Upgrading in Pot Farm is a little confusing as they call two completely different things "upgrades".

Many items in game, require upgrading before you can use them. (I refer to this as "building".) Look for the tiny uprade icon (yellow arrow in a blue circle) to the lower left of the item. You want to hover directly over the upgrade icon (circle with arrow in it) such that the upgrade icon's colors reverse (blue arrow in yellow circle, rather than yellow arrow in blue circle). When you have it highlighted, click. I suggest zooming in through the game and by right clicking and selecting zoom to be able to get that tiny bugger. (Note that if you hover over the item itself, the item gets highlighted (an outline). The upgrade icon needs to be clicked to do the upgrade.

Most items that require upgrading are done in two parts. The first part of the upgrade shows you what products you need in your stash. Once you complete that part of the upgrade, most items require inviting or hiring helpers. You can pay $1 pot buck for each helper needed, or you can invite your neighbors to help for free. To invite helpers, click on any of the invite buttons from the upgrade page. This will give you a list of your neighbors. Click the ones you want to send to (just like sending gifts from the gift page). They will receive the help request in their game message center and can click it to help you. Helper progress will not be shown until you reload the game. NOTE: You do not need to click each individual invite button and send invites for each position you need to fill. Any of the invite buttons will get you helpers for that item upgrade. If you're inviting helpers for multiple items, you will need to hire each separately. Once all the helpers have been hired or have accepted your invitation, you click DO IT! from the upgrade page and the upgrade is complete.

Storage structures can be UPGRADED to hold more items. This is a different kind of upgrade. You simply use a certain amount of LUMBER (which is giftable) and your storage structure is upgraded. See the STORAGE PAGE for more details.

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