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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

Mystery, Jackpot, Hash Mix Seeds: SHOW PICTURES | NO PICTURES

See all of the different types of dynamic seeds on the Dynamic Seed Page!

New for 2018: Discuss with fellow players: Favorite Sources of Mystery Seeds

Mystery Seed

MYSTERY SEEDS are dynamic seeds that can be purchased in the store for $1 pot buck each. (See below for other ways to get them for FREE.) They take 3 minutes to grow and give 4 xp for planting. They randomly give either one of the premium items listed below, OR an ordinary plant from the main seed chart.

There are even a few items in the game that generate Mystery Seeds. You can see them all on the Repeaters Page.

Jackpot Seed

JACKPOT SEEDS have better odds of giving premium seeds compared to Mystery Seeds. Jackpot seeds are purchased in the store for $3 pot bucks each. They have a 3 minute grow time just like mystery seeds. Protection is -3 while growing. Then, you get whatever protection the mystery seed you've grown offers (shown in chart below).

People seem to think they should be getting dollar for dollar what they put into it, but completely forget that you get some HUGE awards for harvesting the premium plants. (We're talking 5 MILLION COINS for your first 3 bacon plants.) The others plants have some awesome rewards too. See details on my Awards Page.

Snackpot Seed

SNACKPOT SEEDS were added August 13, 2013. They grow only premium (munchie) seeds that sell for at least $1 pot buck. They're in the store for 2 facebook credits each. These have a 3 minute grow time. Protection is ? while growing. Then, you get whatever protection the seed you've grown offers (shown in chart below).

Potluck Seed

POTLUCK SEEDS were added March 1, 2013. They grow ONLY premium (munchie) seeds that sell for at least $4 pot bucks. Potluck seeds are available randomly from the Barfing Dragon contraption (you get either surprise seeds or potluck seeds). They are also occasionally available in the store.. These have a 1 hour grow time. Protection is ? while growing. Then, you get whatever protection the seed you've grown offers (shown in chart below).

Black Hashmix Red Hashmix Blonde Hashmix

HASH MIXES were added August 6, 2012, and are under the seed tab in the store. They all have a 12 hour grow time and randomly grow one of the following 4 plants:

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Panama Red
  • Black Widow
  • Ditch Weed

The Blonde Hash Mix gives a better chance than the other mixes of growing Acapulco Gold.
The Red Hash Mix gives a better chance than the other mixes of growing Panama Red.
The Black Hash Mix gives a better chance than the other mixes of growing Black Widow.

  • Blonde Hashmix: Level 55+ cost $1 pot buck. Level 77+ cost 5,000 coins.
  • Red Hashmix: Level 110+ cost $2 pot bucks. Level 124+ cost 7,500 coins.
  • Black Hashmix: Level 160+ cost $3 pot bucks. Level 174+ cost 10,000 coins.

NOTE: The coin options are only available under the seeds tab, not on the featured item bar on the bottom of the store.

Pot Buck Plants which can grow from Mystery, Jackpot, and Potluck Seeds:

The premium plants shown in this chart can only be grown when planting Mystery, Jackpot or Potluck Seeds.

Scroll down (or CLICK HERE to learn how to get FREE MYSTERY SEEDS from share posts and the limits.

Mystery Seed
Pics: SHOW | NO
ProtectionHarvest XP*
(see above)
YieldTotal Sale PriceCost/Pro
Bacon Tree2520012$12$0.48
Ball Gag Bush12501$1$1.00
Banker's Bud 1X453001$1$0.02
Banker's Bud 3X459003$3$0.07
Black Pearl Cabbage1151$1$1.00
Candy Heart Bush92002$2$0.22
CBD Cookie Bush-1002003$6-
Cheezo Bush152004$4$0.27
Cheezo Bush (Double)51,0008$8$1.60
Chronergy Vine102001$1$0.10
Cinnamon Bun Tree-101006$6-
Cookie Bush122005$5$0.42
Donut Tree202006$6$0.30
Double Mac n Cheese Bush105006$6$0.60
Gingerbread Plant11,00016$16$16.00
Gold Pog Plant1901$1$1.00
Jelly Bean Tree82002$2$0.25
Mac N Cheese Bush105003$3$0.30
Mystic Key Vine 1X-2001$3-
Mystic Key Vine 2X-2002$6-
Pearl Cabbage12001$1$1.00
Pie Cabbage182007$7$0.39
Pizza Flower92001$1$0.11
Pot Pie Cabbage42004$4$1.00
Pumpkin Pie Cabbage183008$8$0.44
Red Maple Kief11,8671$1$1.00
Reefers Pieces Bush175014$14$14.00
Ripple Chip Plant52003$3$0.60
Soylent Green Bush--3$3-
Taco Flower12501$1$1.00
Truffle Plant150013$13$13.00
Mystery Seed
Pics: SHOW | NO
ProtectionHarvest XP*
(see above)
YieldTotal Sale PriceCost/Pro


Protection: Indicates protection this plant will offer when fully grown.

Harvest XP: XP earned when you harvest this plant.

Yield: This is the number of plants, jelly beans, bacon, etc. that you receive when harvesting ONE of these.

Total Sale Price: Since all of these plants sell for $1 pot buck each, the total sale price is equal to the yield. (For example, Bacon Trees give 12 bacon that sell for $1 pot buck each, so it's listed as a total sale price of $12 pot bucks.)

Cost per protection: This isn't truly cost. It's what you would get for harvesting divided by amount of protection you would have if you didn't harvest. (You can keep the Bacon Tree and have 25 protection or sell it and get $12 pot bucks. That a "cost" of $0.60 per protection.)

Sharing when you harvest premium seeds:

When you harvest one of the premium seeds listed in the chart below, you'll get a pop-up with the option of offering mystery seeds to your friends. (You'll only get this option once per seed per session. So, if you want to share more than once per type of plant, you'll need to reload the game before harvesting again so you get the pop-up to share again.) The first 5 of your friends to click the link on the post will get a free mystery seed of their own.)

Auto Posting/Publishing: If you click the AUTO PUBLISH button in the lower right corner of the game (the Facebook "F"), it will ask for your permission to auto-post to your wall. This can change how you post mystery seeds and other sharable items. You will get the initial pop-up asking if you want to share your mystery seed, but not the second one. This can be easier and some people prefer this.

To turn off auto-posting, go to your profile page. Click on "Account" in the upper right. From the drop-down menu, select "Privacy Settings." On the Privacy page, go to the lower left corner and select "Edit your settings" under Applications and Websites. Find Pot Farm and click on it. Find the option for "Post on my Behalf" and click remove. This should put things back to normal.

Find Mystery Seeds from Posts: /mysteryseeds#limit

Collecting Mystery Seeds (and limits): You can collect free Mystery Seeds from your friends posts. You can find these these posts on their wall or on your Facebook news feed.

As of Sept 10, 2013, mystery seed collection limits are divided into just two groups, "common" and "uncommon" (rare). You can collect 50 from each of these two sources per day. See the chart below to see which sources are common and which are uncommon/rare. (Note: The mystery seeds you get are the same no matter which source you get them from.)

For limits on other types of newsfeed posts, see info on the PFI INFO PAGE.

NOTE: Just because your friend got a bacon tree, posted the mystery seed, and you were fast enough to score one DOES NOT mean that your mystery seed will also grow into a bacon tree. Mystery seeds are called "MYSTERY" seeds for a reason and their output varies.

Mystery Seed Feedback: Here's an example of the notice you get when you claim a mystery seed. Messages like this show how many Mystery Seeds we have claimed off of the two kinds of plant posts (common and uncommon/rare as shown in the chart below.) Limits reset at 10pm pacific time each day.

Mystery Seed Feedback


Post Type"Daily Limit"
Number you can collect per day
"Claim Limit"
This many players can collect from any of these posts
MAXIMUM you can
collect per day= 100

HUGE AWARDS: We get some HUGE awards for growing premium mystery seeds (such as 5,000,000 coins for growing just 3 bacon trees!) See my AWARDS page for complete details.

Remember when we could identify a plant during it's grow cycle?

(The devs made them all the same to make the game run smoother.)

Acapulco Gold Bacon Candy Heart Bush Cookie Bush Jelly Bean Tree Panama Red Pizza Tree Ripple Chip Cheezo Bush Donut Tree Pie Cabbage

Animated gifs provided by Bill 'Tetris' Cassaday

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