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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

"Idiots Guide to Pot Farm" - Updated 10/17/13


Idiots Guide to Pot Farm

1. POT FARM INFO has information on EVERYTHING. Level requirements, protection ratings for all items, detailed seed lists, mystery seed information, occasional sneak peeks at what's coming up, and so much more. LOOK AROUND! For general info, visit the GLOSSARY PAGE. For all the latest news, visit the NEWS PAGE. For everything else, use the navigation above, or see the SITE MAP.


3. Please actually read things and make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. A lot of angry posts are because people THINK they know what they're talking about when they really have no clue, even though the info they're missing is available. See all the latest news on the NEWS PAGE.

4. Please stop asking for more land. This subject has been beaten to death and more land is still not coming. That's why the 2x and 3x seeds and the various Hydros came out... to let us plant more in less space. The Devs have stated that new land is not going to happen; the game simply can't handle it. They have said that they might be able to link us a second farm, but that is probably far in the future. Read about land on the LAND PAGE.

5. Visiting neighbors is hit or miss. Some days it goes great, some days not so great. The Devs are aware of this and are trying to get it right. There are a couple of things that you can do to increase your chances whilst neighbor visiting.

  • Try starting from the lowest level neighbors first. In theory, they have less on their farms, hence less to load.
  • Use a hardwired connection instead of a wifi connection on your computer.
  • Give the page a few seconds to load before clicking any buttons. If you see squares on your neighbors field with the word 'loading' where there should be an item, and you start clicking, chances are it's going to lock up on you. Give it a few and see if it loads up the item that should be displayed.

6. Timeline has changed so much, it's often difficult to find game posts on someone's timeline. If they comment on them, they're usually easy to find. Otherwise, I recommend the link in #8, to see your neighbors Pot Farm posts.

7. Collection limits used to be on a rolling 24 hour clock. NOW, limits reset every day at the same time (10pm PDT) when daily bread comes out. This covers returning gifts and collecting from newsfeed posts.

8. To see ONLY Pot Farm posts, use this link:

9. When Pot Farm runs a 'Like This Post' contest on their wall for a free gift, you have to click the link that they post AFTER we have reached the number of likes that they asked for to actually receive it.

10. Just because Pot Farm posted a picture with a link for free items DOES NOT MEAN THAT WHAT IS PICTURED IS WHAT THE LINK IS FOR. (see #3) They're not just posting free stuff. They're usually telling us about something and that's usually what the picture relates to.

11. The off-Facebook version of the game is no longer available due to Facebook changes. Everything I hear from them gives no hope that it will ever be back.

12. Your post didn't get deleted off of PF's wall. By default, PF's wall shows only posts from Pot Farm. You need to click the (Everyone) tab located under the pictures at the top of their wall to see all posts, including the ones that you thought were being deleted by the Devs.

13. Pot Farm NEVER says how long maintenance will take when they go down for it. They say HOW LONG it's going to be until they go into maintenance. Stop bitching that it's been too long, that they said that it was gonna be this amount of time. They didn't. (See #3)

14. Reloading solves most problems. If you complete a quest and your reward disappeared from your Gift Box, refresh the page. 99.9% of the time, this will fix the issue. Same goes for plants that you harvest. It seems a lot of people are having issues harvesting plants and having them not show up in your Stash. Refresh the page and they should be there.

15. Make sure the date and time are correct on your computer. If they aren't, the game might display items or quests as being available when they actually are not.

16. Items gained as prizes from quests DO NOT give you the XP that you would have gotten if you bought the same item from the shop. That's why the devs changed "XP" on the item info page to "XP for purchase".

17. Critters no longer pop-up on your farm to share with neighbors. They only come from mystery critter gifts. See what's available on the CRITTER PAGE.

18. Did you accidentally block PF posts from showing on your wall? See this page to learn how to unblock them.

19. With most web browsers, if you hold the the 'Ctrl' button down when you click on a link, you will open the link in a new tab in your browser and not lose your place on FB.

20. Use the PUFFIN BROWSER to play Pot Farm on your smart phone! Discuss Puffin Browser.

21. Quests have various prerequisites for opening up. Sorry if it seems like a time-limited quest does not give you enough time to complete. It just depends on when you meet the requirements for it to open for you. Check out the QUEST PAGE ahead of time for info on all the quests, when they unlock, what is needed to complete them, and what the reward is so you can prepare for them.

22. Puff Passes now show total points instead of passes (which are 140 points each). Also, we are no longer prompted to confirm if we want to use puff puff when planting hydros or starting contraptions that require it. Puff puff is still used. Read more about PUFF PASSES.

23. Guano. When you click to use it from your gift box, it gets added to the on-screen total dispayed on the bottom left of the game.

24. Just because you clicked on a Bacon post from someones wall DOES NOT mean you are going to get a Bacon Tree. You get a Mystery Seed wich could grow into anything. (I can see where some people might have an issue with thinking they were getting a Pizza seed from a Pizza post; it says 'Grab a seed.' All the other PB plants say 'Grab a Mystery Seed.') See more about mystery seeds on the MYSTERY SEED page.

25. Jitters: After over 3 years of not being available, in June 2016, Pot Farm released a QUEST PACK that you can buy to earn Jitters. See more info on the Jitters Info Page.

26. Try clearing your browsers cache once in a while. Doing that CAN FIX PROBLEMS. It's worked for me before.

27. Google Chrome and Firefox are both excellent web browsers. The developers do not recommend Internet Explorer. Many people use IE without problems, but it is a problem for many others. See Pot Farm's System Recommendations and Settings Check.

28. If you have problems with the game, there a few ways to contact support. Check out the SUPPORT INFO PAGE.

29. Due to a change in Facebook's wall sharing policy in February 2013, visiting neighbors no longer allows shares (chore posts).

30. Changing the amount of something to sell in the Stash and the 'Use Some' button in the Gift Box will not work in fullscreen mode.

31. Pot Farm no longer runs an off-Facebook site due to Facebook policy changes. It is not expected to return.

32. If you plant Mystery Seeds or Jackpot Seeds in a Hydro setup, you will get 'X' amount of the same plant, where 'X' is the number of plants that the Hydro setup that your planting them in can hold. If you plant use a Hydro Shack, you will get 25 of the SAME PLANT. 75 for the Bunker, you get the idea. You could get 25 Bacon Trees, you could get 25 Sugar Cane. IT'S A GAMBLE, AND THE ODDS ARE HEAVILY IN FAVOR OF THE HOUSE. Gamble at your own risk but don't go whining on PF's wall if you get crap.

33. If you get busted whilst harvesting, quickly refresh the page. You'll be able to start harvesting again before Ranger Dick shows up. Kind of defeats the purpose of the game, but with the Hydros out, I figured I would post it. I rarely have enough protection on my farm anymore. Only takes a few seconds to harvest Hydros before Dick shows up to bust me.

34. 4Loot is no longer open. This used to be a source of free Facebook credits.

Thanks to my friend Bill 'Tetris' Cassaday who came up with this original format in 2011. For a very basic introduction to gameplay on Pot Farm, check out his old beginner's guide. You can see the original Idiots Guide to Pot Farm.

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