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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

ITEMS > Pot Heads:


It looks like I need to change some of the terminology here. The devs added a new feature called RALLIES in late June 2013. Rallies are game groups that players can join. It has nothing to do with Rally Grrl, Rally Crowds, or Pot Heads. Check out the page for RALLIES.

Pot Heads

"420 RALLY" FEATURE: /potheads/#420

The Rally Grrl and POT HEADS were added to the game on April 4, 2011. Get a Rally Grrl and place her on your farm. She has a banner which shows the size of your 420 Rally. (Total Pot Heads you've ever used.) The quests let you collect prizes along the way to building the biggest Rally ever! The Leaderboard lets you claim a prize for having the "biggest rally" (most pot heads used) among your friends.

Rally Girl

RALLY GRRL: /potheads/#grrl

When you reach level 12 in the game, you'll get a quest where planting just a single Brain Warp will get you "Rally Grrl". Rally Grrl takes up 4 spaces and has a banner showing how big your RALLY is (how many "Pot Heads" you've used from your gift box).

Rally Grrl produces 4 Pot Heads every 15 minutes 1 Pot Head every 2.5 minutes but you have to click her to harvest them. When you collect Pot Heads from your Rally Grrl, they'll be added to your Gift Box and you'll get the option to share some!

Check out the Leaderboard where you can win daily prizes!

POT HEADS: /potheads/#ph

Pot Heads

Pot Heads can be earned several different ways. You can get from the newsfeed or from visiting neighbors. Also, Rally Grrl and Pot Head Crowds produce them.

Pot heads don't take up any space. When you USE them from you gift box, your RALLY count is increased on your Rally Grrl's banner! Using pot heads can help you achieve quests. See quest info on the quests page. They can also earn you prizes if you have more than your neighbors. See "leaderboard" above.

The pot heads you see on your neighbors farms are actually Pot Head Crowds. Read on for details.

POT HEAD CROWDS: /potheads/#crowd

Crowds are Pot Heads that actually appear ON your farm instead of just tallied on a banner. They generate MORE pot heads that can be used for completing quests! When available, Pot Head Crowds are purchased from the Featured Item Bar at the bottom of the Pot Farm Store. In some cases, like "The Gathering", they're earned doing quests.

Name of CrowdSpacesCost (PB)XP per runAnd this many
pot heads
Minutes to collectImageXP/min/
Small Prehistoric Crowd1$12100 330.0 Small Prehistoric Crowd3.33 0.00
Medium Prehistoric Crowd4$24150 818.0 Medium Prehistoric Crowd2.08 0.00
Large Prehistoric Crowd6$72200 206.0 Large Prehistoric Crowd5.56 0.56
Small Carney Crowd1$121 540.0 Small Carney Crowd0.03 0.00
Medium Carney Crowd4$2450 1020.0 Medium Carney Crowd0.63 0.00
Large Carney Crowd6$72100 1510.0 Large Carney Crowd1.67 0.25
Small Fairy Tale Crowd1$1210 640.0 Small Fairy Tale Crowd0.25 0.00
Medium Fairy Tale Crowd4$2425 920.0 Medium Fairy Tale Crowd0.31 0.00
Large Fairy Tale Crowd6$7250 1510.0 Large Fairy Tale Crowd0.83 0.25
Small Hero Crowd1$12100 542.7 Small Hero Crowd2.34 0.00
Medium Hero Crowd4$24100 1017.7 Medium Hero Crowd1.42 0.00
Large Hero Crowd6$72100 158.3 Large Hero Crowd2.00 0.30
Small Nudist Crowd1$12100 542.7 Small Nudist Crowd2.34 0.00
Nudist Crowd4$24100 1017.7 Nudist Crowd1.42 0.00
Large Nudist Crowd6$0100 158.3 Large Nudist Crowd2.00 0.30
Small Ghost Crowd1$1210 640.0 Small Ghost Crowd0.25 0.00
Medium Ghost Crowd4$010 920.0 Medium Ghost Crowd0.13 0.00
Large Ghost Crowd6$7210 1510.0 Large Ghost Crowd0.17 0.25
Zombie Crowd9$42100 7240.0 Zombie Crowd0.28 0.20
Zombie Horde25$0200 14620.0 Zombie Horde0.40 0.29
Jason1$013 113.0 Jason1.00 0.00
Wonderland Crowd4$2410 720.0 Wonderland Crowd0.13 0.00
Large Wonderland Crowd6$7210 1010.0 Large Wonderland Crowd0.17 0.00
Small Wonderland Crowd1$1210 340.0 Small Wonderland Crowd0.25 0.00
Teleporter9$1495 82.0 Teleporter0.28 0.00
Large Sci-Fi Crowd6$7210 1210.0 Large Sci-Fi Crowd0.17 0.20
Sci-Fi Crowd4$2410 720.0 Sci-Fi Crowd0.13 0.00
Small Sci-Fi Crowd1$1210 340.0 Small Sci-Fi Crowd0.25 0.00
The Gathering (Pot Head Circle)25$010 42060.0 The Gathering (Pot Head Circle)0.01 0.28
Voodoo Pot Head Crowd4$2410 720.0 Voodoo Pot Head Crowd0.13 0.00
Small Voodoo Pot Head Crowd1$1210 330.0 Small Voodoo Pot Head Crowd0.33 0.00
Large Voodoo Pot Head Crowd6$7210 1210.0 Large Voodoo Pot Head Crowd0.17 0.20
Large Mardi Gras Crowd6$7210 1210.0 Large Mardi Gras Crowd0.17 0.20
Mardi Gras Crowd4$2410 720.0 Mardi Gras Crowd0.13 0.00
Small Mardi Gras Crowd1$1210 330.0 Small Mardi Gras Crowd0.33 0.00
Large Xmas Crowd6$722 1210.0 Large Xmas Crowd0.03 0.20
Medium Xmas Crowd4$241 720.0 Medium Xmas Crowd0.01 0.00
Small Xmas Crowd1$120 340.0 Small Xmas Crowd0.00 0.00
Small Fantasy Pot Head Crowd1$121 440.0 Small Fantasy Pot Head Crowd0.03 0.00
Fantasy Pot Head Crowd4$241 720.0 Fantasy Pot Head Crowd0.01 0.00
Large Fantasy Pot Head Crowd6$723 1210.0 Large Fantasy Pot Head Crowd0.05 0.20
Occupy Pot Farm4$241 818.0 Occupy Pot Farm0.01 0.00
Small Occupy Crowd1$121 332.0 Small Occupy Crowd0.03 0.00
Large Occupy Crowd6$721 138.0 Large Occupy Crowd0.02 0.27
Small Halloween Crowd1$121 340.0 Small Halloween Crowd0.03 0.00
Halloween Pot Head Crowd4$241 720.0 Halloween Pot Head Crowd0.01 0.00
Large Halloween Crowd6$723 1210.0 Large Halloween Crowd0.05 0.20
Big Rock n Roll Crowd6$722 118.0 Big Rock n Roll Crowd0.04 0.23
Rock n Roll Crowd4$241 515.0 Rock n Roll Crowd0.02 0.00
Lil Rock n Roll Crowd1$121 130.0 Lil Rock n Roll Crowd0.03 0.00
Small Conspiracy Crowd1$124 130.0 Small Conspiracy Crowd0.13 0.00
Conspiracy Crowd4$246 420.0 Conspiracy Crowd0.08 0.00
Large Conspiracy Crowd6$7210 910.0 Large Conspiracy Crowd0.17 0.00
Trailer Crowd4$165 622.0 Trailer Crowd0.06 0.00
Big Trailer Crowd6$363 94.0 Big Trailer Crowd0.13 0.00
Lil Trailer Crowd1$61 230.0 Lil Trailer Crowd0.03 0.00
Lil Island Crowd1$121 130.0 Lil Island Crowd0.03 0.00
Island Pot Head Crowd4$325 520.0 Island Pot Head Crowd0.06 0.00
Big Island Crowd6$713 108.0 Big Island Crowd0.06 0.00
Lil Rally Crowd1$121 130.0 Lil Rally Crowd0.03 0.00
Rally Crowd4$331 420.0 Rally Crowd0.01 0.00
Big Rally Crowd6$502 810.0 Big Rally Crowd0.03 0.00
Rally Grrrl4$01 12.0 Rally Grrrl0.13 0.00
Name of CrowdSpacesCost (PB)XP per runAnd this many
pot heads
Minutes to collectImageXP/min/

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