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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

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This is the OLD seed detail page for Potluck Seed

and the new SEED LIST PAGE

Potluck Seed
  • Potluck Seed
    (This is a Dynamic Seed
  • Date Introduced: 2013-03-01
  • Availability: See notes section below for availability.
  • Available to levels: 1+
  • Grow time:
  • Click here for Award (Trophy) Details.
  • Purchase price: $0.40 usd.
  • Total Sale Price for all plants harvested from one seed:
    Payout depends on what grows! You can find more details below in the NOTES section. (You can learn more about dynamic seeds on the Dynamic Seed Page Or, you can look up what you grew on the Seed Page.)

  • Seed Sale Price when in gift box: 0 coins.
  • Protection: 0
  • XP for Purchase: 0
  • XP to Harvest: 0
  • Total XP (if purchased): 0
  • Hourly: XP: ??????
  • This plant does not allow sharing after harvesting.


  • Offered occasionally in the store. Also available as a random drop from the barfing dragon (either 5-100 surprise seeds or 1, 3 or 5 potluck seeds). These only grow pot buck plants.

    There is no award for these (as awards are based on what you harvest.)

    They are also available from the last couple quests in the Fat Bat Quests.

REPEATERS that include "POTLUCK SEED" in their OUTPUT:

Duck in a BoxBelladonna 4X (1), Potluck Seed (1)
Golden HorseshoeMystery Seed (25), Jackpot Seed (10), Potluck Seed (13)
Floyd S ThompsonPotluck Seed (2)
Spacebuds CrowdPotluck Seed (1)
Chron Tart Ripped RaccoonPotluck Seed (1)
Belle the Bowl SnatcherNice Nugs 50X (1), Christmas Kush 1X (5), Potluck Seed (1)
Martian Mutated (Lvl 5)Space Weed 20X (6), Blue Nebula 20X (6), Orion Nebula Nugs 50X (3), Potluck Seed (1)


Barfing DragonPotluck Seed (5,10,25) or Surprise Seed (25,50,75,100,125,150)
Pod TeleportersPotluck Seed (5,10,15), Jackpot Seed (10,15,50), or Mystery Seed (10,15,50)
Dragon Big PigGold Bacon (4), Mystery Seed (30,40,60), Black Token Plant (3), or Potluck Seed (5,10,15)
Truffle Big PigPotluck Seed (5,10,15,25), Jackpot Seed (10,15,25,45) or Gold Bacon (5)
Sacrificial PortalPotluck Seed (5)
Sacrificial Portal Opening RiftsPotluck Seed (5)
Frozen SantaPotluck Seed (4)
Mostly Frozen SantaPotluck Seed (4)
Partially Frozen SantaPotluck Seed (4)
Wicked Witch of the WestJackpot Seed (4,6), Potluck Seed (3), or Mystery Seed (15,20,25)
Drinking ContestMystery Seed (10,20,50), Potluck Seed (1,3,5), Surprise Seed (15,25,75), or Sheet Metal (10)
Ball Gagged Big PigSnackpot Seed (2,5,10), Black Token (1), Potluck Seed (1,5,10), or Gold Bacon (2)
Great A'TuinSnackpot Seed (2,3,6), or Potluck Seed (2,4,6)
DopelorianDoobapalooza Seed (1,3,5,10), Bat Guano (50,75,100,125), Puff Puff Pass (10,20,30,40), or Potluck Seed (1,2,5,20)
Tree PortalJackpot (5,10,15), Electric Kool Aid (5,10,15), Snackpot (5,10,15), or Potluck Seed (3,5,10)
Turkey FryerPotluck Seed (1,2,3,5,7,10, or 15)
Enlightened Platinum DragonJackpot Seed (7,12,20), Electric Kool Aid (1,3,5), Snackpot Seed (1,3,5), Mystery Seed (15,25,50), Potluck Seed (1,3,5), or Surprise Seed (30,50,75)
Folklore Spirit JourneyKringle Kush 20x (2), Sugar Cookie 20X (2), Christmas Kush 50X (1), Coal Kush 50X (1), Garland Ganja 50X (1), Holly Berry 50X (1), Jingle Buds 50X (1), Krampus Kush 50X (1), Naughty Nugs 50X (1), Nice Nugs 50X (1), Sugar Plum Sativa 50X (1), Turkey Big Pig (1), Candy Cane Tree (3), Potto Ticket Crate (1,5), Gingerbread Tree (1), Green Gumdrop (4), Gumdrop Maker (1), Mint Gumdrop (1), Purple Gumdrop (4), Red Gumdrop (4), Bat Guano (50,100), Puff Puff Pass (25,50), Jackpot Seed (5,10,50), Black Token Plant (1,5), Potluck Seed (1,10), Present Plant (10), Hash Cake Present (4), Xmas Spirit Journey (1), Potter (1), Saucy (1), Spooner (1), Belle the Bowl Snatcher (1), Kendal (1), or Fried Yule Log (1)
420 Cookie StandElectric Kool Aid (5,10,15,25,50), or Potluck Seed (1,3,5,10)
Hammibal the Canibal Big PigDoobapalooza Seed (8,50), 50/50 Seed (5,25), Jackpot Seed (12,50,100), Electric Kool Aid (5,50), or Potluck Seed (7,25)
SmokerJackpot Seed (3,5,15), Potluck Seed (1,3,15)
Whitebeard Spirit JourneyEverchanging Emerald Seeds (5,10,25), Potluck Seed (1,3,5)
Narwhal Big PigGold Bacon (1), Ice Cubes (10,25,50,100), or Potluck Seed (5)
Leprechaun Big PigGold Bacon (1), Potluck Seed (1,3,5), or Noolian Seed (5,10,15)
Pre RollsSuper Silver Haze 20X, Cheese Cough 50X, Super Skunk 50X, Ultra Sour 50X, Black Token Plant (10), or Potluck Seed (10)
White Dragon Big PigPotluck Seed (3,5,10, or 25)
Rainbow Big PigRainbow Reefer 1000x (3), Bat Guano (10), Jackpot Seed (25), Jelly Bean Tree (4), Snackpot Seed (10), pr Potluck Seed (5)


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