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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

SEED LIST: (NEW! Includes ALL seeds in the game.):

MOST PLANTS NOW HAVE LINKS TO DETAIL PAGES. (Plants with apostrophes in the names are not working.)

This page is a simple list showing all the plants (in CAPS) followed by the seeds that grow them. The dynamic seeds (seeds which grow various things) are listed under "DYNAMIC".

For stats for all seeds and plants on a single page, check out the NEW SEED PAGE. (Caution: LARGE page!)

I welcome feedback about this new page in my FACEBOOK GROUP POST. (Not a member yet? Join here!)

420 BLUES: 420 Blues, 4x 420 Blues, 9x 420 Blues, 20x 420 Blues, 50x 420 Blues

8 BIT BUD: 8 Bit Bud, 4x 8 Bit Bud, 9x 8 Bit Bud, 20x 8 Bit Bud, 50x 8 Bit Bud

ACAPULCO GOLD: Acapulco Gold, 2x Acapulco Gold, 3x Acapulco Gold, 9x Acapulco Gold, 20x Acapulco Gold, 50x Acapulco Gold, 50x Acapulco Gold

AFGHAN DREAM: Afghan Dream, 2x Afghan Dream, 3x Afghan Dream, 20x Afghan Dream, 50x Afghan Dream

AGAVE: Agave

AGENT ORANGE: Agent Orange

AK 420: AK 420, 9x AK 420, 42x AK 420

AK 47: Ak 47, 2x Ak 47, 3x Ak 47, 20x Ak 47, 50x Ak 47

ALASKA THUNDERFUDK: Alaska Thunderfudk, 2x Thunderfudk, 3x Thunderfudk

ALFIRINDICA: Alfirindica, 4x Alfirindica, 9x Alfirindica, 20x Alfirindica, 50x Alfirindica

ALIEN KUSH: Alien Kush, 4x Alien Kush, 9x Alien Kush, 20x Alien Kush, 50x Alien Kush, 100x Alien Kush

AMNESIA HAZE: Amnesia Haze, 4x Amnesia Haze, 20x Amnesia Haze

ANCIENT OG: Ancient OG, 4x Ancient OG, 9x Ancient OG, 9x Ancient OG Primo, 20x Ancient OG, 20x Ancient OG Primo, 100x Ancient OG Primo

AUSSIE BLUES: Aussie Blues, 2x Aussie Blues, 3x Aussie Blues, 9x Aussie Blues, 20x Aussie Blues

AZURA: Azura, 2x Azura, 3x Azura

BACKPACKER BUD: Backpacker Bud, 4x Backpacker Bud, 9x Backpacker Bud, 20x Backpacker Bud, 100x Backpacker Bud

BACKSTAGE BUD: Backstage Bud, 4x Backstage Bud, 20x Backstage Bud

BACON: Bacon Present, Bacon Tree, Bacon Tree

BALL GAG: Ball Gag Bush

BANANA KUSH: Banana Kush, 4x Banana Kush, 9x Banana Kush, 20x Banana Kush, 50x Banana Kush

Bankers' Bud: Banker's Bud, 3x Banker's Bud

BARLEY BUD: Barley Bud, 4x Barley Bud, 9x Barley Bud, 30x Barley Bud

BASHFUL BUD: Bashful Bud, 4x Bashful Bud, 9x Bashful Bud, 20x Bashful Bud

BC BUD: BC Bud, 4x BC Bud, 9x BC Bud, 20x BC Bud, 100x BC Bud


BEATS BUD: Beats Bud, 4x Beats Bud, 9x Beats Bud, 20x Beats Bud, 50x Beats Bud

BELLADONNA: Belladonna, Primo Bella, 4x Belladonna, 9x Belladonna, 20x Belladonna, 20x Primo Bella, 50x Primo Bella

BIKINI BUD: Bikini Bud, 4x Bikini Bud, 9x Bikini Bud, 20x Bikini Bud, 50x Bikini Bud, 100x Bikini Bud Primo

BIRTHDAY BUD: Birthday Bud, 4x Birthday Bud, 9x Birthday Bud, 20x Birthday Bud, 50x Birthday Bud

BLACK DIAMOND: Black Diamond, 9x Black Diamond, 20x Black Diamond

BLACK DRAGON: Black Dragon, 9x Black Dragon, 20x Black Dragon, 50x Black Dragon

BLACK HOLE BUD: Black Hole Bud, 4x Black Hole Bud, 9x Black Hole Bud, 20x Black Hole Bud

BLACK PEARL: Black Pearl Cabbage

BLACK TOKEN: Black Token Plant

BLACK WIDOW: Black Widow, 3x Black Widow, 9x Black Widow, 20x Black Widow, 50x Black Widow

BLACKBERRY: Blackberry, 2x Blackberry, 3x Blackberry, 50x Blackberry

BLACKBERRY PIE: Pie Present, Pie Cabbage, Pie Cabbage

BLAZE RUNNER: Blaze Runner

BLOOD BERRY BUD: Blood Berry Bud, 4x Blood Berry Bud, 9x Blood Berry Bud, 20x Blood Berry Bud, 50x Blood Berry Bud

BLOODY MARY JANE: Bloody Mary Jane, 4x Bloody Mary Jane, 9x Bloody Mary Jane, 20x Bloody Mary Jane, 20x Bloody Mary Primo

BLUE BUDDHA: Blue Buddha, 2x Blue Buddha, 3x Blue Buddha, 10x Blue Buddha, 50x Blue Buddha

BLUE DREAM KUSH: Blue Dream Kush, 9x Blue Dream Kush, 20x Blue Dream Kush, 50x Blue Dream Kush

BLUE DYNAMITE: Blue Dynamite, 2x Blue Dynamite, 3x Blue Dynamite, 100x Blue Dynamite

BLUE NEBULA: Blue Nebula, 4x Blue Nebula, 9x Blue Nebula, 20x Blue Nebula

BLUE WIDOW: Blue Widow

BLUEBERRY: Blueberry, 2x Blueberry, 3x Blueberry, 20x Blueberry, 100x Blueberry

BONKERS: Bonkers, 2x Bonkers, 3x Bonkers

BONSAI BUD: Bonsai Bud, 4x Bonsai Bud, 9x Bonsai Bud, 20x Bonsai Bud

BOUQUET BUD: Bouquet Bud, 9x Bouquet Bud, 20x Bouquet Bud

BRAIN WARP: Brain Warp, 2x Brain Warp, 3x Brain Warp, 51x Brain Warp

BRAINS: Brain Plant

BRUSSEL SPROUT BUD: Brussel Sprout Bud, 4x Brussel Sprout Bud, 9x Brussel Sprout Bud, 20x Brussel Sprout Bud, 50x Brussel Sprout Bud

BUBBLEGUM: Bubblegum, 2x Bubblegum, 3x Bubblegum, 20x Bubblegum, 50x Bubblegum

BUBBLY BUD: Bubbly Bud, 9x Bubbly Bud, 20x Bubbly Bud, 50x Bubbly Bud

BUDLAMINE: Budlamine

BUDZILLA: Budzilla, 4X Budzilla, 9x Budzilla, 20x Budzilla, 20x Budzilla Primo

BURNOUT BUD: Burnout Bud, 4x Burnout Bud, 20x Burnout Bud, 50x Burnout Bud

BUSHWHACKER BUD: Bushwhacker Bud, 9x Bushwhacker Bud, 20x Bushwhacker Bud

CAJUN KUSH: Cajun Kush, 4x Cajun Kush, 9x Cajun Kush, 20x Cajun Kush, 50x Cajun Kush

CAMPFIRE KUSH: Campfire Kush, 4x Campfire Kush, 9x Campfire Kush, 20x Campfire Kush

CANDY CANES: Candy Cane Tree

CANDY HEARTS: Candy Heart Bush

CANNONBALLS: Cannonballs

Cap'n Crunk Plant: Cap'n Crunk Plant, 9x Cap'n Crunk Plant, 20x Cap'n Crunk Plant, 50x Cap'n Crunk Plant

CARAMELICIOUS: Caramelicious, 2x Caramelicious, 3x Caramelicious, 100x Caramelicious

CASH CROP: Cash Crop, 20x Cash Crop, 50x Cash Crop, 100x Cash Crop

CASSETTE TAPE: Cassette Tape Plant

CATNIP: Catnip, 9x Catnip, 20x Catnip, 50x Catnip


CENTURY EGG: Century Egg Plant

CHAMPAGNE GRAPES: Champagne Grapes, 2x Champagne Grapes, 3x Champagne Grapes, 100x Champagne Grapes, 1000x Champagne Grapes

Charlotte's Web: Charlotte's Web, 4x Charlotte's Web, 9x Charlotte's Web, 20x Charlotte's Web, 50x Charlotte's Web

CHARMING CHEEBA: Charming Cheeba, 9x Charming Cheeba, 20x Charming Cheeba, 100x Charming Cheeba

CHEESE: Cheese, 2x Cheese, 3x Cheese, 9x Cheese, 20x Cheese

CHEESE COUGH: Cheese Cough, 4x Cheese Cough, 9x Cheese Cough, 20x Cheese Cough, 50x Cheese Cough

CHEEZOS: Cheezo Bush, Double Cheezo Bush

CHERRY BLOSSOM BUD: Cherry Blossom Bud, 4x Cherry Blossom Bud, 9x Cherry Blossom Bud, 20x Cherry Blossom Bud, 50x Cherry Blossom Bud, 100x Primo Blossom

CHERRY BOMB: Cherry Bomb, 4x Cherry Bomb, 9x Cherry Bomb, 20x Cherry Bomb

CHESTNUT NUGS: Chestnut Nugs, 9x Chestnut Nugs, 50x Chestnut Nugs

CHOCOLATE CHUNK: Chocolate Chunk, 4x Chocolate Chunk, 9x Chocolate Chunk, 20x Chocolate Chunk, 50x Chocolate Chunk, 50x Choco Chunk Lightning, 500x Chocolate Chunk

CHOCOLOPE: Chocolope, 9x Chocolope, 20x Chocolope, 50x Chocolope

CHRISTMAS KUSH: Christmas Kush, 3x Christmas Kush, 10x Christmas Kush, 25x Christmas Kush, 50x Christmas Kush

CHRONERGY DRINK: Chronergy Vine, Chronergy Vine

CHRONIC CHARMS: Chronic Charms, 4x Chronic Charms, 9x Chronic Charms, 20x Chronic Charms, 50x Chronic Charms


CINNAMON BUNS: Cinnamon Bun Tree

COAL KUSH: Coal Kush, 4x Coal Kush, 9x Coal Kush, 20x Coal Kush, 50x Coal Kush

COASTAL KUSH: Coastal Kush, 3x Coastal Kush, 7x Coastal Kush, 16x Coastal Kush, 40x Coastal Kush

COCOA BUNNY: Cocoa Bunny, 4x Cocoa Bunny, 9x Cocoa Bunny, 20x Cocoa Bunny, 50x Cocoa Bunny, 50x Cocoa Lightning

COFFEE BEANS: Coffee Plant

COLOMBIAN GOLD: Colombian Gold, 4x Colombian Gold, 9x Colombian Gold, 20x Colombian Gold, 50x Colombian Gold

COLORADO KUSH: Colorado Kush, 2x Colorado Kush, 3x Colorado Kush

CONSTELLATION KUSH: Constellation Kush, 20x Constellation Kush, 100x Constellation Kush

COOKIES: Cookie Bush, Cookie Bush

COPPER DRAGON: Copper Dragon, 9x Copper Dragon, 20x Copper Dragon, 50x Copper Dragon

CORN: Corn, 2x Corn, 3x Corn, 100x Corn, Primo Corn

CORRUPTED WEED: Corrupted Weed, 20x Corrupted Weed, 50x Corrupted Weed

COTTON CANDY KUSH: Cotton Candy Kush, 4x Cotton Candy Kush, 9x Cotton Candy Kush, 20x Cotton Candy Kush, 50x Cotton Candy Kush

CRANBERRY KUSH: Cranberry Kush, 4x Cranberry Kush, 9x Cranberry Kush, 9x Primo Cranberry, 20x Cranberry Kush, 20x Cranberry Kush Primo, 20x Primo Cranberry, 50x Primo Cranberry

CRATER KUSH: Crater Kush, 4x Crater Kush, 9x Crater Kush, 20x Crater Kush

CRYSTAL: Crystal, 2x Crystal, 3x Crystal, 20x Crystal, 50x Crystal

DANKY CHARMS: Danky Charms Bush

DANKY DOC: Danky Doc, 4x Danky Doc, 9x Danky Doc, 20x Danky Doc

DANNY BOY: Danny Boy, 4x Danny Boy, 9x Danny Boy, 20x Danny Boy, 50x Danny Boy

DEVILED EGG: Deviled Egg Plant

DEVILS WEED: Devils Weed, 9x Devils Weed, 50x Devils Weed

DIAMOND KUSH: Diamond Kush, 9x Diamond Kush, 20x Diamond Kush, 50x Diamond Kush, 100x Diamond Kush

DISCOUNT DANK: Discount Dank, 4x Discount Dank, 9x Discount Dank, 20x Discount Dank

DITCH WEED: Ditch Weed, 4x Ditch Weed, 9x Ditch Weed, 100x Ditch Weed

DONUTS: Donut Present, Donut Tree, Donut Tree

DOPEY DOOBS: Dopey Doobs, 4x Dopey Doobs, 9x Dopey Doobs, 20x Dopey Doobs

DUBLIN DANK: Dublin Dank, 20x Dublin Dank, 50x Dublin Dank

DUBSTEP DANK: Dubstep Dank, 4x Dubstep Dank, 9x Dubstep Dank

DURBAN POISON: Durban Poison, 2x Durban Poison, 3x Durban Poison

DYNAMIC: OG Pog Seed Sack, Roll 'Em Sack, Doobapalooza Seed, Everchanging Emerald Seeds, Egg Plant, Egg Plant Primo, 50/50 Seed, Gamble Seed, Gambling Seed Sack, Halloween Seed Pack, Black Hashmix, Blonde Hashmix, Red Hashmix, Jackpot Seed, Kushberry Seed, Electric Kool Aid, Map Seed, Snackpot Seed, Mystery Seed, 420 Seeds, Mystery Seed, Pog Plant, Potluck Seed, Present Plant, Clover Seed, Clover Seed, Blue Ribbon Seed Sack, Diamond Seed Sack, Stocking Seed Sack, Noolian Seed, Seven Sins Seed, 7 Strains Seed, Surprise Seed, Surprise Seed, New Trick Or Treat Seed, Trick Or Treat Seed, Weedful Things Sack

EASY RIDER: Easy Rider, 2x Easy Rider, 3x Easy Rider, 50x Easy Rider, 100x Easy Rider, 200x Easy Rider

EGGO WEED: Eggo Weed, 4x Eggo Weed, 20x Eggo Weed

ELDER BUD: Elder Bud, 9x Elder Bud, 50x Elder Bud, 100x Elder Bud

EMERALD INDICA: Emerald Indica, 4x Emerald Indica, 9x Emerald Indica, 20x Emerald Indica, 50x Emerald Primo

ENIGMA: Enigma, 4x Enigma, 9x Enigma, 20x Enigma, 50x Enigma

ENVY INDICA: Envy Indica, 4x Envy Indica, 9x Envy Indica, 20x Envy Indica

EUCALYPTUS BUD: Eucalyptus Bud, 9x Eucalyptus Bud, 30x Eucalyptus Bud

EUREKA INDICA: Eureka Indica, 4x Eureka Indica, 9x Eureka Indica, 20x Eureka Indica, 50x Eureka Indica

FIRESTARTER: Firestarter, 4x Firestarter, 9x Firestarter, 20x Firestarter, 50x Firestarter

FLOWER BOMB KUSH: Flower Bomb Kush, 9x Flower Bomb, 20x Flower Bomb, 50x Flower Bomb Kush

FOUR LEAF CLOVER: Four Leaf Clover Plant

FROSTED SATIVA: Frosted Sativa, 4x Frosted Sativa, 9x Frosted Sativa, 20x Frosted Sativa, 50x Frosted Sativa

FUNKY MONKEY: Funky Monkey, 9x Funky Monkey, 20x Funky Monkey

G THIRTEEN: G Thirteen, 9x G Thirteen, 20x G Thirteen

GALAXY GANJA: Galaxy Ganja, 9x Galaxy Ganja, 20x Galaxy Ganja, 50x Galaxy Ganja

GAMBLING GANJA: Gambling Ganja, 4x Gambling Ganja, 9x Gambling Ganja, 20x Gambling Ganja, 50x Gambling Ganja, 100x Gambling Ganja

GANJABREAD MAN: Ganjabread Man Present

GANJALINE: Ganjaline, 4x Ganjaline, 9x Ganjaline, 20x Ganjaline

GARLAND GANJA: Garland Ganja, 9x Garland Ganja, 20x Garland Ganja, 50x Garland Ganja

GHOST WEED: Ghost Weed, 4x Ghost Weed, 9x Ghost Weed, 20x Ghost Weed, 50x Ghost Weed

GIGAWEED: Gigaweed, 20x Gigaweed, 50x Gigaweed

GINGERBREAD: Gingerbread Plant

GIRL SCOUT COOKIE: Girl Scout Cookie, 9x Girl Scout Cookie, 50x Girl Scout Cookie

GLOWSTICK GANJA: Glowstick Ganja, 9x Glowstick Ganja, 20x Glowstick Ganja, 50x Glowstick Ganja

GLUTTONY NUGS: Gluttony Nugs, 4x Gluttony Nugs, 9x Gluttony Nugs, 20x Gluttony Nugs

GOD BUD: God Bud, 2x God Bud, 3x God Bud, 10x God Bud, 20x God Bud, 50x God Bud

GOLD BUD: Gold Bud

GOLD DRAGON: Gold Dragon, 9x Gold Dragon, 20x Gold Dragon

GOLD EGG: Gold Egg Plant

GOLD POG: Gold Pog Plant

GOOEY GANJALICIOUS: Gooey Ganjalicious, 4x Gooey Ganjalicious, 9x Gooey Ganjalicious, 20x Gooey Ganjalicious, 50x Gooey Ganjalicious

GRAND HUSTLE: Grand Hustle, 4x Grand Hustle, 9x Grand Hustle, 20x Grand Hustle, 100x Grand Hustle

GRANDADDY PURPLE: Grandaddy Purple, 2x Grandaddy Purple, 3x Grandaddy Purple, 100x Grandaddy Purple

GRAPES: Grapes, 2x Grapes, 3x Grapes

GRAVY GANJA: Gravy Ganja, 20x Gravy Ganja, 50x Gravy Ganja, 100x Gravy Ganja

GREASY GANJA: Greasy Ganja, 4x Greasy Ganja, 9x Greasy Ganja, 20x Greasy Ganja

GREAT BARRIER REEFER: Great Barrier Reefer, 2x Great Barrier Reefer, 3x Great Barrier Reefer, 4x Great Barrier Reefer, 5x Great Barrier Reefer

GREAT WHITE SHARK: Great White Shark, 4x Great White Shark, 9x Great White Shark, 20x Great White Shark, 50x Great White Shark

GREED GANJA: Greed Ganja, 4x Greed Ganja, 9x Greed Ganja, 20x Greed Ganja

GREEN DRAGON: Green Dragon, 3x Green Dragon, 9x Green Dragon, 20x Green Dragon, 50x Green Dragon

GREEN EGG & HAM: Green Eggs And Ham Plant

GREEN POG: Green Pog Plant

GRIM REEFER: Grim Reefer, 4x Grim Reefer, 9x Grim Reefer, Apotcalypse, 50x Grim Reefer, 3x Apotcalypse

GRINCHY GANJA: Grinchy Ganja, 4x Grinchy Ganja

GROG BARREL: Grog Barrel


GRUMPY GANJA: Grumpy Ganja, 4x Grumpy Ganja, 9x Grumpy Ganja, 20x Grumpy Ganja

GRUNGY GANJA: Grungy Ganja, 4x Grungy Ganja, 9x Grungy Ganja, 50x Grungy Ganja

HALLOWEEN: Halloween, 4x Halloween, 9x Halloween, 10x Halloween, 20x Halloween, 50x Halloween

HAPPY HERB: Happy Herb, 4x Happy Herb, 9x Happy Herb, 20x Happy Herb

HARVEST MOON: Harvest Moon, 4x Harvest Moon, 9x Harvest Moon, 20x Harvest Moon, 20x Harvest Moon Primo, 50x Harvest Moon

HASH CAKE: Hash Cake Present

HASHCAR NUGS: Hashcar Nugs, 4x Hashcar Nugs, 9x Hashcar Nugs, 20x Hashcar Nugs

HAWAIIAN SNOW: Hawaiian Snow, 20x Hawaiian Snow, 50x Hawaiian Snow, 100x Hawaiian Snow

HEAD BANGER: Head Banger, 4x Head Banger, 9x Head Banger, 9x Head Banger Primo, 20x Head Banger, 20x Head Banger Primo, 50x Head Banger, 100x Head Banger

HEAD SHRINKER: Head Shrinker, 4x Head Shrinker, 9x Head Shrinker, 20x Head Shrinker, 50x Head Shrinker

HEMP: Hemp, 2x Hemp, 3x Hemp, 100x Hemp

HIGH OCTANE: High Octane

HOLLY BERRY: Holly Berry, 4x Holly Berry, 9x Holly Berry, 20x Holly Berry, 50x Holly Berry

HOLOBUD: Holobud, 9x Holobud, 20x Holobud, 50x Holobud

HONEYSUCKLE WEED: Honeysuckle Weed, 4x Honeysuckle Weed, 9x Honeysuckle Weed, 20x Honeysuckle Weed

HOPS: Hops, 2x Hops, 3x Hops, 50x Hops, 100x Hops

HOT COCOA KUSH: Hot Cocoa Kush, 9x Hot Cocoa Kush, 20x Hot Cocoa Kush

HUCKLEBERRY: Huckleberry, 3x Huckleberry, 9x Huckleberry, 50x Huckleberry

ICE WEED: Ice Weed, 4x Ice Weed, 9x Ice Weed, 20x Ice Weed, 50x Ice Weed

ICEBERG INDICA: Iceberg Indica, 4x Iceberg Indica, 9x Iceberg Indica, 20x Iceberg Indica, 50x Iceberg Indica

INSANITY SENSI: Insanity Sensi, 3x Insanity Sensi, 8x Insanity Sensi, 18x Insanity Sensi, 54x Insanity Sensi

JACK HERER: Jack Herer, 2x Jack Herer, 3x Jack Herer

JAMAICAN GREEN: Jamaican Green

JELLY BEANS: Jelly Bean Tree, Jelly Bean Tree, Jelly Bean Tree

JINGLE BUDS: Jingle Buds, 4x Jingle Buds, 9x Jingle Buds, 20x Jingle Buds, 50x Jingle Buds

JUICY FRUIT: Juicy Fruit, 2x Juicy Fruit, 3x Juicy Fruit, 20x Juicy Fruit, 100x Juicy Fruit

JURASSIC POT: Jurassic Pot, 4x Jurassic Pot, 9x Jurassic Pot, 20x Jurassic Pot, 200x Jurassic Pot, 1000x Jurassic Pot

KINGS KUSH: Kings Kush, 2x King's Kush, 3x King's Kush

KRAKEN KUSH: Kraken Kush, 9x Kraken Kush, 50x Kraken Kush

KRAMPUS KUSH: Krampus Kush, 9x Krampus Kush, 20x Krampus Kush, 50x Krampus Kush, 100x Primo Krampus Kush

KRINGLE KUSH: Kringle Kush, 9x Kringle Kush, 20x Kringle Kush

KUSH SLAW: Kush Slaw, 4x Kush Slaw, 9x Kush Slaw, 20x Kush Slaw, 50x Kush Slaw

KUSHBERRY: Kushberry, 4x Kushberry, 20x Kushberry

LIBERTY HAZE: Liberty Haze, 9x Liberty Haze, 20x Liberty Haze, 50x Liberty Haze

LIGHT OF JAH: Light Of Jah, 9x Light Of Jah, 20x Light Of Jah

LOLLIPOT: Lollipot, 9x Lollipot, 20x Lollipot, 50x Lollipot, 50x Lollipot Primo

LOST BUD: Lost Bud

LOVE POTION: Love Potion, 4x Love Potion, 9x Love Potion, 20x Love Potion, 50x Love Potion, 50x Love Potion

LUMBER: Pine Tree

LUST KUSH: Lust Kush, 4x Lust Kush, 9x Lust Kush, 20x Lust Kush

Mac N' Cheese: Mac N' Cheese Bush, Double Mac N' Cheese


MANGO HAZE: Mango Haze, 4x Mango Haze, 9x Mango Haze, 20x Mango Haze, 50x Mango Haze

MAPLE KIEF: Maple Kief, 4x Maple Kief, 9x Maple Kief, 20x Maple Kief

MAPLE SYRUP: Red Maple Kief

MARSH MELLOW: Marsh Mellow, 9x Marsh Mellow, 50x Marsh Mellow

MAUI WAUI: Maui Waui, 2x Maui Waui, 3x Maui Waui, 50x Maui Waui, 100x Maui Waui

MEAT: Meat Plant

MEDICAL DRAGON: Medical Dragon, 2x Medical Dragon, 3x Medical Dragon

MENTAL FLOSS: Mental Floss, 2x Mental Floss, 3x Mental Floss

Merlin's Dream: Merlin's Dream, 4x Merlin's Dream, 9x Merlin's Dream, 20x Merlin's Dream

MEXICAN: Mexican, 4x Mexican, 9x Mexican, 20x Mexican

MIGHTY MITE: Mighty Mite, 2x Mighty Mite, 3x Mighty Mite, 100x Mighty Mite

MULLED WINE: Mulled Wine Present

MUTANT X: Mutant X, 100x Mutant X

MYSTIC BLUE: Mystic Blue, 9x Mystic Blue, 20x Mystic Blue

MYSTIC KEY: Mystic Key Vine, 2x Key Vine

NAUGHTY NUGS: Naughty Nugs, 4x Naughty Nugs, 9x Naughty Nugs, 20x Naughty Nugs, 50x Naughty Nugs

NEOCHRON: Neochron, 4x Neochron, 9x Neochron, 20x Neochron, 50x Neochron

NICE NUGS: Nice Nugs, 4x Nice Nugs, 9x Nice Nugs, 20x Nice Nugs, 50x Nice Nugs

NILE NUGS: Nile Nugs, 9x Nile Nugs, 20x Nile Nugs, 50x Nile Nugs

NORTHERN LIGHTS: Northern Lights, 2x Northern Lights, 3x Northern Lights, 5x Northern Lights, 9x Northern Lights, 50x Northern Lights

NOUGAT NUGS: Nougat Nugs, 4x Nougat Nugs, 9x Nougat Nugs, 20x Nougat Nugs

NOVEMBER NUGS: November Nugs, 4x November Nugs, 9x November Nugs, 20x November Nugs, 50x November Nugs

NUGGET NUGS: Nugget Nugs, 20pc Nugget Nugs, 50pc Nugget Nugs

ODINBUD: Odinbud, 4x Odinbud, 9x Odinbud, 20x Odinbud, 50x Odinbud

OG KUSH: OG Kush, 4x OG Kush, 9x OG Kush, 20x OG Kush, OG Live Fast, OG Kush Hollywood

OG SKYWALKER: OG Skywalker, 20x OG Skywalker, 50x OG Skywalker

OL SMOKEY: Ol Smokey, 4x Ol Smokey, 9x Ol Smokey

ORANGE POG: Orange Pog Plant

ORION NEBULA NUGS: Orion Nebula Nugs, 9x Orion Nebula Nugs, 20x Orion Nebula Nugs, 50x Orion Nebula Nugs, 100x Orion Nebula Nugs

PANAMA RED: Panama Red, 3x Panama Red, 9x Panama Red, 20x Panama Red, 50x Panama Red

PAPYRUS POT: Papyrus Pot, 4x Papyrus Pot, 9x Papyrus Pot, 20x Papyrus Pot

PARANOIA POT: Paranoia Pot, 20x Paranoia Pot, 50x Paranoia Pot

PATRIOT POT: Patriot Pot

PEARL: Pearl Cabbage

PENNYWISE: Pennywise, 4x Pennywise, 20x Pennywise

PEOPLES POT: Peoples Pot, 4x People's Pot, 9x People's Pot, 20x People's Pot

PETRIFIED POT: Petrified Pot, 4x Petrified Pot, 20x Petrified Pot, 50x Petrified Pot

PETROL POT: Petrol Pot, 4x Petrol Pot, 9x Petrol Pot, 20x Petrol Pot, 50x Petrol Pot

PEYOTE POT: Peyote Pot

PHILOSOPHER SATIVA: Philosopher Sativa, 4x Philosopher Sativa, 9x Philosopher Sativa, 20x Philosopher Sativa, 50x Philosopher Sativa

PICNIC POT: Picnic Pot, 4x Picnic Pot, 9x Picnic Pot, 20x Picnic Pot, 50x Picnic Pot

PILEDRIVER POT: Piledriver Pot, 4x Piledriver Pot, 20x Piledriver Pot, 50x Piledriver Pot

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Pineapple Express, 4x Pineapple Express, 9x Pineapple Express, 20x Pineapple Express, 50x Pineapple Express

PINEAPPLE PUNCH: Pineapple Punch, 4x Pineapple Punch, 9x Pineapple Punch, 20x Pineapple Punch, 50x Pineapple Punch

PINK BUNNY: Pink Bunny, 4x Pink Bunny, 9x Pink Lightning, 9x Pink Bunny, 20x Pink Lightning, 20x Pink Bunny, 20x Pink Bunny, 50x Pink Bunny

PINK CLOVER KUSH: Pink Clover Kush, 9x Pink Clover Kush, 20x Pink Clover Kush, 50x Pink Clover Kush

PINK DIAMOND: Pink Diamond, 9x Pink Diamond, 20x Pink Diamond

PINK LADY: Pink Lady

PIPE WEED: Pipe Weed, 4x Pipe Weed, 9x Pipe Weed, 20x Pipe Weed, 50x Pipe Weed

PIRATE BOOTY: Pirate Booty

PIRATE POT: Pirate Pot, 20x Pirate Pot, 50x Pirate Pot, 100x Pirate Pot

PIZZA: PizzaFlower, PizzaFlower

PLANTA CLAUS: Planta Claus, 4x Planta Claus, 9x Planta Claus, 20x Planta Claus, 50x Planta Claus

POLTERGANJA: Polterganja, 9x Polterganja, 50x Polterganja

POT PIE: Pot Pie Cabbage

POTATO POT: Potato Pot, 20x Potato Pot, 50x Potato Pot

PREHISTORIC POT: Prehistoric Pot, 9x Prehistoric Pot, 20x Prehistoric Pot

PREMIUM UNLEADED: Premium Unleaded, 5x Premium Unleaded, 12x Premium Unleaded

PRESIDENTIAL KUSH: Presidential Kush, 4x Presidential Kush

PRIDE POT: Pride Pot, 4x Pride Pot, 9x Pride Pot, 20x Pride Pot

PSYCHEDELIC SENSI: Psychedelic Sensi, 4x Psychedelic Sensi, 9x Psychedelic Sensi, 20x Psychedelic Sensi, 20x Psychedelic Sensi Primo, Superdelic

PUFFULA TREES: Puffula Trees, 6x Puffula Trees, 15x Puffula Trees, 27x Puffula Trees, 41x Puffula Trees

PUMPKIN PIE: Pumpkin Pie Cabbage

PUMPKIN SPICE: Pumpkin Spice, 9x Pumpkin Spice, 20x Pumpkin Spice, 50x Pumpkin Spice, 100x Primo Pumpkin Spice

PURPLE DRAGON: Purple Dragon, 4x Purple Dragon, 9x Purple Dragon, 20x Purple Dragon, 100x Purple Dragon

PURPLE HAZE: Purple Haze, 2x Purple Haze, 3x Purple Haze, 100x Purple Haze

PURPLE KUSH: Purple Kush, 2x Purple Kush, 3x Purple Kush, 5x Purple Kush

PURPLE POG: Purple Pog Plant, 9x Purple Pog Plant, 50x Purple Pog Plant

PURPLE URKLE: Purple Urkle

PURPLE WIDOW: Purple Widow, 4x Purple Widow, 9x Purple Widow, 20x Purple Widow

RADIATION: Radioactive Tomatoes

RAINBOW REEFER: Rainbow Reefer, 4x Rainbow Reefer, 9x Rainbow Reefer, 20x Rainbow Reefer, 100x Rainbow Reefer, 1000x Rainbow Reefer

Raw's Light: Raw's Light, 4x Raw's Light, 9x Raw's Light, 20x Raw's Light

RED DRAGON: Red Dragon, 2x Red Dragon, 3x Red Dragon, 50x Red Dragon, 100x Red Dragon

RED TOKEN: Red Token Plant

REEFER 66: Reefer 66, 15x Reefer 66, 40x Reefer 66, 66x Reefer 66

Reefer's Pieces: Reefers Pieces Bush

RHYTHM REEFER: Rhythm Reefer, 4x Rhythm Reefer, 9x Rhythm Reefer, 20x Rhythm Reefer

RICE WEED PLANT: Rice Weed Plant, 9x Rice Weed, 50x Rice Weed

RINGSIDE REEFER: Ringside Reefer, 20x Ringside Reefer, 50x Ringside Reefer, 100x Ringside Reefer

RIPPLE CHIPS: Ripple Chip Plant, Ripple Chip Plant

ROACHELLA REEFER: Roachella Reefer, 12x Roachella Reefer, 30x Roachella Reefer, 100x Roachella Reefer

ROBOBUD: Robobud, 4x Robobud, 9x Robobud, 9x Short Circuit, 20x Robobud, 20x Short Circuit, 50x Robobud

Roll 'Em Kush: Roll 'Em Kush, 4x Roll 'Em Kush, 6x Roll 'Em Kush, 8x Roll 'Em Kush, 9x Roll 'Em Kush, 10x Roll 'Em Kush, 12x Roll 'Em Kush, 20x Roll 'Em Kush

ROMULAN GRAPEFRUIT: Romulan Grapefruit

ROSES: Rose Bush

ROYAL CARAMEL: Royal Caramel, 4x Royal Caramel

RUBY RED REEFER: Ruby Red Reefer

SAGE WEED: Sage Weed

Salem's Pot: Salem's Pot, 4x Salem's Pot, 9x Salem's Pot, 20x Salem's Pot, 50x Salem's Pot

SALTY NUTS: Salty Nut Bush

SEAWEED: Seaweed, 4x Seaweed, 9x Seaweed, 20x Seaweed, 50x Seaweed

SHAKE SHAKE: Shake Shake, 9x Shake Shake, 50x Shake Shake, 150x Shake Shake

SHISHKABERRY: Shishkaberry, 4x Shishkaberry, 9x Shishkaberry, 9x Quik Shish, 20x Shishkaberry, 20x Quik Shish, 50x Shishkaberry

SHUFFLE SATIVA: Shuffle Sativa, 4x Shuffle Sativa, 9x Shuffle Sativa, 20x Shuffle Sativa

SILVER DRAGON: Silver Dragon, 9x Silver Dragon, 20x Silver Dragon

SINGULARITY SENSI: Singularity Sensi, 4x Singularity Sensi, 20x Singularity Sensi, 50x Singularity Sensi

SLEEPY SENSI: Sleepy Sensi, 4x Sleepy Sensi, 9x Sleepy Sensi, 20x Sleepy Sensi

SLOTH SATIVA: Sloth Sativa, 4x Sloth Sativa, 9x Sloth Sativa, 20x Sloth Sativa

SNEEZY RIDER: Sneezy Rider, 4x Sneezy Rider, 9x Sneezy Rider, 20x Sneezy Rider

SNOWBALL SATIVA: Snowball Sativa, 5x Snowball Sativa, 10x Snowball Sativa

SOUR APPLE: Sour Apple, 4x Sour Apple, 9x Sour Apple

SOUR DIESEL: Sour Diesel, 2x Sour Diesel, 3x Sour Diesel, 50x Sour Diesel, 100x Sour Diesel

SOYLENT GREEN: Soylent Green Bush

SPACE WEED: Space Weed, 9x Space Weed, 20x Space Weed

SPICE WEED: Spice Weed, 4x Spice Weed, 20x Spice Weed, 50x Spice Weed

STAR BUD: Star Present, Star Bud, Star Bud

STICKY ICKY: Sticky Icky, 4x Sticky Icky, 100x Sticky Icky

STONE AGE SATIVA: Stone Age Sativa, 10x Stone Age Sativa, 25x Stone Age Sativa, 100x Stone Age Sativa

STRAW BUD: Straw Bud, 4x Straw Bud, 9x Straw Bud, 20x Straw Bud, 50x Straw Bud, 100x Straw Bud, 1000x Straw Bud

STRAWBERRY COUGH: Strawberry Cough

STUFFING SATIVA: Stuffing Sativa, 20x Stuffing Sativa, 50x Stuffing Sativa

SUB ZERO: Sub Zero, 4x Sub Zero, 9x Sub Zero, 20x Quick Zero, 20x Sub Zero, 50x Sub Zero

SUGAR CANE: Sugar Cane, Xmas Sugarcane, 2x Sugar Cane, 3x Sugar Cane, Super Cane, Sacchariferous, 50x Sugar Cane

SUGAR COOKIE: Sugar Cookie, 20x Sugar Cookie

SUGAR PLUM SATIVA: Sugar Plum Sativa, 4x Sugar Plum Sativa, 9x Sugar Plum Sativa, 20x Sugar Plum Sativa, 50x Sugar Plum Sativa

SUPER BUD: Super Bud, 4x Super Bud, 4x Flash Bud, 9x Super Bud, 9x Flash Bud, 20x Super Bud

SUPER SILVER HAZE: Super Silver Haze, 4x Super Silver Haze, 9x Super Silver Haze, 20x Super Silver Haze

SUPER SKUNK: Super Skunk, 2x Super Skunk, 3x Super Skunk, 9x Super Skunk, 50x Super Skunk

SWAMP SKUNK: Swamp Skunk, 9x Swamp Skunk, 20x Swamp Skunk

SWEET TOOTH: Sweet Tooth, 2x Sweet Tooth, 3x Sweet Tooth, 20x Sweet Tooth, 100x Sweet Tooth

TACOS: Taco Flower

TANGERINE DREAM: Tangerine Dream

THE DOCTOR: The Doctor, 3x The Doctor

THREE LEAF CLOVER: Three Leaf Clover Plant

TIME WARP: Time Warp, 2x Time Warp, 3x Time Warp, 100x Time Warp

TOMATOES: TOMATOES, 2x Tomatoes, 3x Tomatoes, Killer Tomatoes

TRAINWRECK: Trainwreck, 2x Trainwreck, 3x Trainwreck, 100x Trainwreck

TRUFFLE: Truffle Plant

TRUFFLE PUFF: Truffle Puff, 4x Truffle Puff, 9x Truffle Puff

TUMBLE WEED: Tumble Weed, 4x Tumble Weed, 9x Tumble Weed, 20x Tumble Weed, 50x Tumbleweed

ULTRA SOUR: Ultra Sour, 4x Ultra Sour, 9x Ultra Sour, 20x Ultra Sour, 50x Ultra Sour

VALHALLA KUSH: Valhalla Kush, 9x Valhalla Kush, 20x Valhalla Kush

VEGAS VAPOR: Vegas Vapor, 9x Vegas Vapor, 20x Vegas Vapor, 50x Vegas Vapor

VEGEMITE VAPOR: Vegemite Vapor, 4x Vegemite Vapor, 9x Vegemite Vapor, 20x Vegemite Vapor

VIKING WEED: Viking Weed, 9x Viking Weed, 20x Viking Weed, 50x Viking Weed

VOLCANO WEED: Volcano Weed, 5x Volcano Weed, 10x Volcano Weed

WASHINGTON WEED: Washington Weed, 2x Washington Weed, 3x Washington Weed, 9x Washington Weed

WATERMELON: Watermelon, 20x Watermelon, 50x Watermelon

WEEDNOG: Weednog Present

WEEDSTOCK: Weedstock, 4x Weedstock, 9x Weedstock, 20x Weedstock

WHEAT WEED: Wheat Weed, 4x Wheat Weed, 9x Wheat Weed, 20x Wheat Weed, 50x Wheat Weed

WHITE DRAGON: White Dragon, 9x White Dragon, 20x White Dragon

WHITE RABBIT: Primo White, White Rabbit, 4x White Rabbit, 9x White Rabbit, 20x Primo White, 20x White Rabbit, 50x White Rabbit, 50x White Lightning

WHITE RHINO: White Rhino, 2x White Rhino, 3x White Rhino

WHITE WIDOW: White Widow, 2x White Widow, 3x White Widow, 100x White Widow

WICKED WEED: Wicked Weed, 50x Wicked Weed, 100x Wicked Weed

WISHBONE WEED: Wishbone Weed, 9x Wishbone Weed, 20x Wishbone Weed

WIZARDS WEED: Wizards Weed, 4x Wizards Weed, 9x Wizards Weed, 20x Wizards Weed, Wizards Weed White, 50x Wizards Weed

WOODSY WEED: Woodsy Weed, 9x Woodsy Weed, 20x Woodsy Weed, 50x Woodsy Weed

WOOKEE WEED: Wookee Weed, 4x Wookee Weed, 9x Wookee Weed, 20x Wookee Weed, 50x Wookee Weed, 100x Wookee Weed

WRATH WEED: Wrath Weed, 4x Wrath Weed, 9x Wrath Weed, 20x Wrath Weed

WRENCH REEFER: Wrench Reefer, 4x Wrench Reefer, 9x Wrench Reefer, 20x Wrench Reefer, 50x Wrench Reefer

XP BUD: XP Bud, Mega XP Bud, Super XP Bud

XXX: XXX, 4x XXX, 9x XXX, 20x XXX, 20x XXX, 50x XXX, 50x XXX

YELLOW BRICK BUD: Yellow Brick Bud, 9x Yellow Brick Bud, 20x Yellow Brick Bud

YELLOW DRAGON: Yellow Dragon, 9x Yellow Dragon, 20x Yellow Dragon, 50x Yellow Dragon

ZOMBIE: Zombie

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