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Pot Farm shut down Dec 11, 2019 at 4pm PST.

Due partly to the upcoming change away from flash and the fact that the game was no longer profitable, the developers sadly decided to end the game. Cash purchases were turned off November 13 and the game was shut down on December 11, 2019. See also their video announcement of shutdown and announcement on their Facebook page. See also: A word from East Side Games | Pot Farm Commemoration Stream | Some terrible jingles: Thank You Pot Farm, Pot Farm Influencer Jingle, Big Pig Fat Bat Jingle.

Thank you to those who have been kind enough to support my work over the years.

Share posts:

On May 9, 2014, the devs came out with a great new feature that allows us to play without being interrupted by share pop-ups! You can hover over or click the picture to see what the share was from. However, it's unclear from the new setup exactly what you're sharing with your neighbors/rally. I've given my feedback to the devs and suggested the picture be changed to show what exactly is being shared. I'm told that this change is not possible at this stage. In the meantime, if you want to know what shares what, simply refer to this page.

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  • 1) Mystery Seeds Common Source: Daily limit = 50
  • 2) Mystery Seeds Uncommon Source: Daily limit = 50
  • 3) Surprise Seeds: Daily limit = 200
  • 4) Guano: Daily limit = 50
  • 5) Puff Puff: Daily limit = 3
  • 6) Pot Heads: Daily limit = 1000
  • 7) Products: Daily limit = 25
  • 8) Critters (Puffles): Daily limit = 5
  • 9) 20x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 5
  • 10) 9x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 5
  • 11) 4x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 12) 1x Theme Weed: Daily limit = 25
  • 13) 20x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 14) 9x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 10
  • 15) 4x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 25
  • 16) 1x Non-Theme Weed: Daily limit = 50
  • 17) Bankers Bud: Daily limit = 5
  • 18) Hashmix: Daily limit = 20
  • 19) Variable Theme Weed (Not Currently Used): Daily limit = 25
  • 20) Variable Non-Theme Weed (Map Seed, 7 Strains, Blue Ribbon Sack, Stocking Sack): Daily limit = 25
  • 21) Special Viral (Cultists): Daily limit = 200
  • 22) The Doctor: Daily limit = 20

*Common or uncommon (rare)? See the PFI MYSTERY SEED PAGE for details.

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420 Blues 20XSurprise Seed
420 Blues 4XSurprise Seed
420 Blues 9XSurprise Seed
8 Bit Bud 20XSurprise Seed
8 Bit Bud 4XSurprise Seed
8 Bit Bud 9XSurprise Seed
Acapulco Gold 1XMystery Seed
Acapulco Gold 2XMystery Seed
Acapulco Gold 3XBlonde Hashmix
Alfirindica 20XAlfirindica 9X
Alfirindica 4XAlfirindica 1X
Alfirindica 9XAlfirindica 4X
Alien Kush 20XSurprise Seed
Alien Kush 4XSurprise Seed
Alien Kush 50XSurprise Seed
Alien Kush 9XSurprise Seed
Amnesia HazeBlue Ribbon Seed Sack
Ancient OG 20XAncient OG 9X
Ancient OG 4XAncient OG 1X
Ancient OG 9XAncient OG 4X
Apotcalypse (Grim Reefer 20X)Grim Reefer 9X
Apotcalypse 3X (Grim Reefer 60X)Apotcalypse 1X (Grim Reefer 20X)
Backpacker Bud 100X?
Backpacker Bud 20XSurprise Seed
Backpacker Bud 4XSurprise Seed
Backpacker Bud 9XSurprise Seed
Bacon TreeMystery Seed
Ball Gag BushMystery Seed (rare)
Banana Kush 20XSurprise Seed
Banana Kush 4XSurprise Seed
Banana Kush 50XSurprise Seed
Banana Kush 9XSurprise Seed
Banker's Bud 1XMystery Seed
Banker's Bud 3XMystery Seed
Bashful Bud7 Strains Seed
BC Bud 20XSurprise Seed
BC Bud 4XSurprise Seed
BC Bud 9XSurprise Seed
Belladonna 20XSurprise Seed
Belladonna 4XSurprise Seed
Belladonna 9XSurprise Seed
Birthday Bud 20XBirthday Bud 9X
Black Diamond 20XBlack Diamond 9X
Black Diamond 4XBlack Diamond 1X
Black Diamond 9XBlack Diamond 4X
Black Pearl Cabbage?
Blaze Runner 1XMystery Seed
Blood Berry Bud 20XBlood Berry Bud 9X
Blood Berry Bud 4XBlood Berry Bud 1X
Blood Berry Bud 9XBlood Berry Bud 4X
Bloody Mary Jane 20XBloody Mary Jane 9X
Bloody Mary Jane 4XBloody Mary Jane 1X
Bloody Mary Jane 9XBloody Mary Jane 4X
Blue Dream Kush 9XBlue Dream Kush 1X
Brain PlantMystery Seed (common)
Cajun Kush 20XSurprise Seed
Cajun Kush 4XSurprise Seed
Cajun Kush 9XSurprise Seed
Candy Heart BushMystery Seed
Cash Crop 100X?
Cash Crop 20X?
Cash Crop 50X?
Cheezo BushMystery Seed
Cheezo Bush (Double)Mystery Seed (rare)
Chocolate Chunk 20XSurprise Seed
Chocolate Chunk 4XSurprise Seed
Chocolate Chunk 50XSurprise Seed
Chocolate Chunk 9XSurprise Seed
Christmas Kush 10XSurprise Seed
Christmas Kush 3XSurprise Seed
Chronergy VineMystery Seed (common)
Chronic Charms 20XSurprise Seed
Chronic Charms 4XSurprise Seed
Chronic Charms 9XSurprise Seed
Clover Seed?
Cocoa Bunny 20xSurprise Seed
Cocoa Bunny 4xSurprise Seed
Cocoa Bunny 50XSurprise Seed
Cocoa Bunny 9xSurprise Seed
Colombian Gold 20XColombian Gold 9X
Colombian Gold 4XColombian Gold 1X
Colombian Gold 9XColombian Gold 4X
Cookie BushMystery Seed
Cotton Candy Kush 20XCotton Candy Kush 9X
Cotton Candy Kush 4XCotton Candy Kush 1X
Cotton Candy Kush 9XCotton Candy Kush 4X
Cranberry Kush 20XCranberry Kush 9X
Cranberry Kush 4XCranberry Kush 1X
Cranberry Kush 9XCranberry Kush 4X
Danky Doc7 Strains Seed
Danny Boy 4XSurprise Seed
Danny Boy 9XSurprise Seed
Ditch Weed 4XSurprise Seed
Ditch Weed 9XSurprise Seed
Donut TreeMystery Seed
Dopey Doobs7 Strains Seed
Double Mac n Cheese BushMystery Seed
Enigma 20XEnigma 9X
Enigma 4XEnigma 1X
Enigma 9XEnigma 4X
Ghost Weed 20xSurprise Seed
Ghost Weed 4xSurprise Seed
Ghost Weed 50XSurprise Seed
Ghost Weed 9xSurprise Seed
God Bud 20X?
God Bud 50X?
Grand Hustle 20X?
Greasy Ganja 20XSurprise Seed
Greasy Ganja 4XSurprise Seed
Greasy Ganja 9XSurprise Seed
Green Dragon 3XGreen Dragon 1X
Grim Reefer 4XSurprise Seed
Grim Reefer 9XSurprise Seed
Grumpy Ganja7 Strains Seed
Halloween 10XSurprise Seed
Halloween 20XSurprise Seed
Halloween 4XSurprise Seed
Halloween 50xSurprise Seed
Happy Herb7 Strains Seed
Harvest Moon 20X?
Harvest Moon 4XSurprise Seed
Harvest Moon 9XSurprise Seed
Hawaiian Snow 100XIce Cubes
Hawaiian Snow 50XIce Cubes
Head Banger 100X?
Head Banger 20X?
Head Banger 4X?
Head Banger 50X?
Head Banger 9X?
Head Shrinker 20XSurprise Seed
Head Shrinker 4XSurprise Seed
Head Shrinker 50XSurprise Seed
Head Shrinker 9XSurprise Seed
Hemp 100X?
Holly Berry 20XSurprise Seed
Holly Berry 4XSurprise Seed
Holly Berry 9XSurprise Seed
Hollywood Kush (OG Kush 20X)Surprise Seed
Holobud 20XHolobud 9X
Holobud 9XHolobud 1X
Ice Weed 20XSurprise Seed
Ice Weed 4XSurprise Seed
Ice Weed 9XSurprise Seed
Jelly Bean TreeMystery Seed
Jingle Buds 20XSurprise Seed
Jingle Buds 4XSurprise Seed
Jingle Buds 9XSurprise Seed
Jurassic Pot 20XJurassic Pot 9X
Jurassic Pot 4XJurassic Pot 1X
Jurassic Pot 9XJurassic Pot 4X
Light of Jah 1XMystery Seed
Light of Jah 20XMystery Seed
Light of Jah 9XMystery Seed
Love Potion 20XSurprise Seed
Love Potion 4XSurprise Seed
Love Potion 9XSurprise Seed
Mac N Cheese BushMystery Seed
Map SeedTreasure Map Seed
Meat PlantMystery Seed
Merlin's Dream 20XSurprise Seed
Merlin's Dream 4XSurprise Seed
Merlin's Dream 9XSurprise Seed
Mystic Key Vine 1XMystery Seed
Mystic Key Vine 2XMystery Seed
OG Kush 4XSurprise Seed
OG Kush 9XSurprise Seed
Panama Red 1XMystery Seed
People's Pot 1X (gift only)People's Pot 4X
People's Pot 20XBankers Bud
People's Pot 4XPeople's Pot 9X
People's Pot 9XPeople's Pot 20X
Pie CabbageMystery Seed
Pineapple Express 20XSurprise Seed
Pineapple Express 4XSurprise Seed
Pineapple Express 50XSurprise Seed
Pineapple Express 9XSurprise Seed
Pineapple Punch 4XSurprise Seed
Pineapple Punch 9XSurprise Seed
Pink Bunny 20XSurprise Seed
Pink Bunny 4XSurprise Seed
Pink Bunny 50XSurprise Seed
Pink Bunny 9XSurprise Seed
Pipe Weed 20XPipe Weed 9X
Pipe Weed 4XPipe Weed 1X
Pipe Weed 9XPipe Weed 4X
Pizza FlowerMystery Seed
Planta Claus 1X (gift only)Planta Claus 4X
Planta Claus 20XHolly Berry 50X
Planta Claus 4XPlanta Claus 9X
Planta Claus 9XPlanta Claus 20X
Pot Pie Cabbage?
Presidential KushBlue Ribbon Seed Sack
Psychedelic Sensi 20XSurprise Seed
Psychedelic Sensi 4XSurprise Seed
Psychedelic Sensi 9XSurprise Seed
Pumpkin Pie CabbageMystery Seed
Purple Widow 20XPurple Widow 9X
Purple Widow 4XPurple Widow 1X
Purple Widow 9XPurple Widow 4X
Red Maple KiefMystery Seed
Ripple Chip PlantMystery Seed
Robobud 20XSurprise Seed
Robobud 4XSurprise Seed
Robobud 9XSurprise Seed
Royal CaramelBlue Ribbon Seed Sack
Seaweed 20X?
Seaweed 4X?
Seaweed 9X?
Shishkaberry 20XSurprise Seed
Shishkaberry 4XShishkaberry 1X
Shishkaberry 50XShishkaberry 20X
Shishkaberry 9XShishkaberry 4X
Sleepy Sensi7 Strains Seed
Sneezy Rider7 Strains Seed
Soylent Green BushMystery Seed (rare)
Space Weed 20XSpace Weed 9X
Space Weed 9XSpace Weed 1X
Star Bud 1xSurprise Seed
Strawberry Cough 1XThe Doctor
Sub Zero 20XSurprise Seed
Sub Zero 4XSurprise Seed
Sub Zero 9XSurprise Seed
Super Bud 20XSurprise Seed
Super Bud 4X (also Flash Bud)Surprise Seed
Super Bud 9X (also Flash Bud)Surprise Seed
Super Silver Haze 20XSurprise Seed
Super Silver Haze 4XSurprise Seed
Super Silver Haze 9XSurprise Seed
Superdelic (Psychedelic Sensi 30x)Surprise Seed
Trick or Treat Seed?
Truffle Plant?
Valhalla Kush 20XValhalla Kush 9X
Valhalla Kush 9XValhalla Kush 1X
Viking Weed 20XViking Weed 9X
Viking Weed 9xViking Weed 1X
Weedful Things Sack?
Weedstock 20XSurprise Seed
Weedstock 4XSurprise Seed
Weedstock 9XSurprise Seed
White Rabbit 20XSurprise Seed
White Rabbit 4XSurprise Seed
White Rabbit 9XSurprise Seed
Wizards Weed 4XSurprise Seed
Wizards Weed 9XSurprise Seed
Wizards Weed White (20X)Surprise Seed
Wookee Weed 100XSurprise Seed
Wookee Weed 20XSurprise Seed
Wookee Weed 4XSurprise Seed
Wookee Weed 9XSurprise Seed
xxx 20XSurprise Seed
xxx 4XSurprise Seed
xxx 50X?
xxx 9XSurprise Seed
Zombie PlantMystery Seed (common)
1% Santa & Mrs ClausSurprise Seed
2015 Pot LeafMystery Seed (rare)
3D ChickPsychedelic Sensi 4X
420 Cookie Stand?
420 Rally Girl?
80s Toaster?
Albino ChickCocoa Bunny 9X
Albino Fat BatPuff Puff Pass
Ale-LeprechaunHemp Ale
AliceOrange Potion
Alien AutopsyEnigma 9X
Alien Big Pig Hybrid?
Alien Bong?
Alien Doggo?
Alien WeddingMystery Seed (rare)
Arm Wrestling Match?
ATM Dude?
Aussie Rules Rugby Team?
Aztec Booby TrapAncient OG 1X
Baby Green DragonGreen Dragon 1X
Baby Red PufferMedical Dragon 1X
Baked PotatoBlue Ribbon Seed Sack
Ball Gagged Big Pig?
Bandit Firebud?
Barfing DragonSurprise Seed
Barrel of GooSurprise Seed
Bavarian Beaver?
Bavarian Bunny?
Bavarian Raccoon?
Belle the Bowl Snatcher?
Big Hypno EyePsyhedelic Sensi 9X
Big Island CrowdPot Heads
Big Rally CrowdPot Heads
Big Rock n Roll CrowdPot Heads
Big Snowman New Years PartyIce Weed 9X
Big Trailer CrowdPot Heads
Biker Big Pig?
Black DragonBat Guano
Black Friday Crowd?
Black KnightBlack Hashmix
Blue Mushrooms420 Blues 1X
Blue Pot Head Group?
Blue Ring Octopuff?
Blunt Dragon?
Bluntosaurus RibsMystery Seed (common)
Boneless Turkey?
Boom BoxMystery Seed (common)
Brown Fat BatBat Guano
Brutus the Bong Slayer?
Bubbling CauldronGrim Reefer 4X
Bubbly Love PigChampagne
BudcrackerIce Weed 9X
BudsicleBat Guano
Bunny BuddyPink Bunny 9X
Bunny Crop CircleAlien Kush 1X
Bunny in Chocolate Carbonite?
Buzzed Alien Beaver?
Buzzed Envy Beaver?
Buzzed Frozen BeaverIce Cubes
Buzzed Ghost BeaverEctoplasm
Buzzed Hawaiian BeaverPineapple Express 4X
Buzzed Swinger BeaverLove Oil
Cafe Racer?
Camp Crystal LakeTrick or Treat Seed
Camp Wannatoka Sign?
Camp Wannatokah BusBackpacker Bud 9X
Campfire Buds?
Campfire Party?
Campfire Roasting?
Candy Heart Big PigSurprise Seed
Cane Toad?
Cannon Joint?
Capt J Chron?
Captain Watermelon Head?
Cat Tower?
CDC TentBloody Mary Jane ?X
Centaur DickMerlin's Dream 1X
Centaur FloydMerlin's Dream 4X
Championship Belt?
Chief Hopper?
Choco Love PigChocolates
Chocolate StarfishBat Guano
Chron Tart Dopey Duck?
Chron Tart Dozy Bunny?
Chron Tart Ripped Raccoon?
Chronic Alien Kitty?
Chronic Frozen KittySub Zero 4X
Chronic Pride Kitty?
Chronic Swinger CatChampagne
Classic TruckGreasy Ganja 1X
Classic Wrestler Crowd?
Coal CraterSurprise Seed
Cocoa TreeCocoa Pod
Cocoa Tree GroveCocoa Pod
Conspiracy CrowdPot Heads
Cookie Big PigBat Guano
Copper Dragon?
CornucopiaHarvest Moon 4X
Cotton Candy Cloud (Level 1)Cotton Candy Kush 1X
Cranberry SauceCranberry Kush 9X
Crazy Xmas HouseSurprise Seed
Crock Pot?
Cronan the BongbarianPuff Puff Pass
Crusty CupidBat Guano
Cupid Big Pig?
Cursed Pirate Skull?
Curved Plasma Firelog?
Cuzco the LlamaBat Guano
Dank Bath House?
Dank CrystalMystery Seed (rare)
Darko Easter Bunny?
Date Night Roach?
Decepti-Fax MachineEnerchron Cubes
Decrepit WasherDitch Weed 1X
Deep Fried Pot LeafMystery Seed (rare)
Deep Fryer?
Deuce Coupe?
Dick's Bike?
Dicks Date (Date with Mrs Dick)Sweet Love
Didgeridank Bong?
Dino FootprintSurprise Seed
Dirty Irish TavernSurprise Seed
Dispensary Saga?
Doggo Big Pig?
Donut Big PigMystery Seed (common)
Donut Garden V2?
DoobicornSurprise Seed
Dopey Alien Duck?
Dopey Frozen DuckIce Cubes
Dopey Sloth Duck?
Dozy Frozen BunnyIce Cubes
Dozy Greed Bunny?
Dozy Lizard Bunny?
Dozy Swinger BunnyChocolates
Dr Floyd?
Dr Indica JonesAncient OG 9X
Dragon EggGreen Dragon 1X
Duck in a BoxBelladonna 1X
Duckpig Big Pig?
Eagle 420?
Easter BasketWhite Rabbit 9X
Easter BunnySurprise Seed
Easter Island BunnyChocolate Chunk 1X
Egyptian Booby TrapAncient OG 1X
Egyptian Floyd?
Elevator DoorAcapulco Gold 1X
Elf Work BenchElves
Elven Critter BunnyAlfirindica 9X
Elven Critter CatAlfirindica 4X
Elven Critter DuckAlfirindica 1X
Elven PipeMystery Seed (rare)
Elven Runestones BigSurprise Seed
Enlightened Platinum Dragon?
ExcalibudWizard's Weed 4X
Eye of Chronic (Pyramid)?
Fancy Hippie Tractor?
Fantasy Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Fast Food Mascots?
Film Crew Crowd?
Fishman Monster?
Flag Football Crowd?
FlalfMystery Seed (common)
Flower Face?
Floyd CakeMystery Seed (common)
Floyd LightyearMystery Seed (rare)
Floyd S Thompson?
Floydka WillySurprise Seed
Floydo Crowd?
Floyds Monster Truck?
Floyds Race Car?
Folklore Spirit Journey?
Food TruckSurprise Seed
Forever Alone New Years SnowmanIce Weed 1X
Frank the Mouse?
Freddie the Metal Head?
Fried Chicken?
Fried Yule Log?
Fruitcake Hash Press?
Furious Floyd?
Galaxy Hitchhiker?
Get Lucky?
Ghost CatGhost Weed 1X
Ghost of Fremont Street?
Ghost SkunkGhost Weed 1X
Ghostly Gambler?
Giant Big GlugBat Guano
Giant Bismo BottleBat Guano
Giant DragonflySurprise Seed
Giant Purple ArrowPurple Arrow
Giant SandwichSuper Silver Haze 1X
Gold Dragon?
Gold Guitar Statue?
Gold Stuffed StockingMystery Seed (rare)
Gravy BoatBat Guano
Great A'Tuin?
Green DragonGreen Dragon 3X
Greenie BabySurprise Seed
Grey Dragon Big Pig?
GuitarOG Kush 1X
Gussied Up Big Pig?
Hacky Sack CirclePot Heads
Halloween Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Headless ChickenChicken Blood
Headless Choco ChickenChocolates
Hermit Crab HotboxPuff Puff Pass
High Times SquareMystery Seed (rare)
Hippie ChickCocoa Bunny 20X
Hippie Fat Bat?
Horny ToadSurprise Seed
Horny Toad 02?
Horny Toad 03?
Horny Toad 04?
Horny Toad 05?
Horny Toad 06?
Horny Toad 07?
Horny Toad 08?
House Stoner?
Hunter Van Dick?
Ice Cream TruckSeaweed 1X
IlluminachoMystery Seed (rare)
Irish Tavern PartySurprise Seed
Island Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Janus God of the Gateway?
Jason Fat Bat?
Jersey Fat BatBat Guano
JittersBat Guano
Juicy Melons?
KhalpuffsiPuff Puff Pass
King CrabMystery Seed (rare)
Kissing BoothXXX 9X
Knocked Out Dick Ref?
Krampus Coal?
Krampus Trap?
Krampus Trap Banisher?
Kush KraterAlien Kush 9x
Kush Krater Intensified?
La Taqueria?
Large 80's Pot Heads8 Bit Bud 4X
Large Conspiracy CrowdPot Heads
Large Fantasy Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Large Ghost CrowdPot Heads
Large Halloween CrowdPot Heads
Large Lava PoolSurprise Seed
Large Lifeguard CrowdSeaweed 9X
Large Mardi Gras CrowdPot Heads
Large Occupy CrowdPot Heads
Large Prehistoric CrowdPot Heads
Large Sci-Fi CrowdPot Heads
Large Voodoo Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Large Wonderland CrowdPot Heads
Large Xmas CrowdPot Heads
Leprechaun Big Pig?
Lil Island CrowdPot Heads
Lil Rally CrowdPot Heads
Lil Rock n Roll CrowdPot Heads
Lil Trailer CrowdPot Heads
Lit Lantern?
Lolcutest ChickAlien Kush 1X
Long Bong Gold?
Long Bong SilverPuff Puff Pass
Love InSweet Love
Love MachineSweet Love
Love PigLove Oil
Luchador Big Pig?
Lucky Rabbit Foot?
Lung Burster?
Lust Skunk?
Mall SantaBat Guano
Mardi Gras CrowdPot Heads
Mardi Gras GatorCajun Kush 9X
Mark CamelBat Guano
Martian Buffed (Lvl 4)?
Martian Intensified (Lvl 2)?
Martian Intensified Again (Lvl 3)?
Martian Mutated (Lvl 5)?
Marty McFloyd?
Master Sundae?
Medium 80's Pot Heads8 Bit Bud 1X
Medium Carney CrowdSurprise Seed
Medium Ghost CrowdPot Heads
Medium Lifeguard CrowdSeaweed 1X
Medium Prehistoric CrowdPot Heads
Medium Xmas CrowdPot Heads
MermaidMystery Seed (rare)
Moogalizer (keyboard)OG Kush 1X
MooseBackpacker Bud 4X
Mountie Big Pig?
Ms Demon DickEctoplasm
Mud Pit Crowd?
Mutant RudolfMystery Seed (rare)
Naked Stoned Chick (pink)Bat Guano
Narwhal Big Pig?
Neon Stoner Sign?
New Years BeaverChampagne
New Years PigChampagne
Obey Alien?
OCC Bike?
Occupy Pot FarmPot Heads
OG 1000 Club?
Old DryerDitch Weed 1X
Open Irish TavernSurprise Seed
Orange ChickCocoa Bunny 4X
Orcish Critter BearBlood Berry Bud 1X
Orcish Critter BeaverBlood Berry Bud 9X
Orcish Critter RaccoonBlood Berry Bud 4X
Orcish PipeMystery Seed (rare)
Oz Crowd?
Paranoid Aztec BearAncient OG 1X
Paranoid CavemanTwigs and Coal
Paranoid Easter Bunny (Bear)Chocolate Eggs
Paranoid Flasher BearBelladonna 4X
Paranoid Frozen BearIce Cubes
Paranoid Lizard Bear?
Paranoid Spliff Bear?
Peace LighterPuff Puff Pass
Penguin Big Pig?
Persian Cat Fat Bat?
PFMC Clubhouse?
PhilosoraptorSurprise Seed
Pie Big PigPuff Puff Pass
Pile O BonesBone Meal
Pile of Cube Poop?
Pipe of WinterPuff Puff Pass
Pipe Petroglyph Chronic?
Pirate Big Pig?
Plasma Firelog TVJingle Buds 1X
Polar Vortex 420?
Pot Cemetery 2Grim Reefer 1X
Pot Fink Big Pig?
Pot Head Making Resinlutions?
Pot Head Petroglyph Chronic?
Pot Leaf Petroglyph Chronic?
Pot Pack Crowd?
Pre Rolls?
Prehistoric Floyd?
Puffle (Orange, Black, Grey, White, Calico)Puffle
Puffler MachinePufflers
Puffy Leprechaun (pipe)Acapulco Gold 1X
Purple ChickCocoa Bunny 1X
Purple Fat BatBat Guano
R2-RepeatooWookee Weed 4X
Race Pump?
Rainbow Big Pig?
Rally CrowdPot Heads
Rally GrrrlPot Heads
Ranger Dick Voodoo DollHead Shrinker 9X
Ranger Dicks Race Car?
Ranger PrankMystery Seed (rare)
Red Dragon Big Pig?
Reefer Tent City?
Reefers's Cube8 Bit Bud 9X
Ripped Egyptian Raccoon?
Ripped Gluttony Raccoon?
Ripped Lizard Raccoon?
Ripped Rave RaccoonHead Banger 1X
Roachella Roachie?
Roachella Stage?
Roast BeastPlanta Claus 4X
Rock Band SetOG Kush 9X
Rock n Roll CrowdPot Heads
Rockin Chick?
RolliePuff Puff Pass
Rosetta StonePuff Puff Pass
Rosetta Stoned?
Rosy Love PigRoses
Sand Pot LeafMystery Seed (common)
Santa Big Pig?
Santa StatueStocking Seed Sack
Santa Street Sleigh GT?
SasquatchWookee Weed 4X
Sausage BBQ?
Sci-Fi CrowdPot Heads
Scooby Doob GangMystery Seed (common)
Sea Mermaid?
Shiva Cheeba ChickGod Bud 10X
Shrimp on the Barbie?
Silver Dragon?
Slasher CrowdBloody Mary Jane 1X
Slimey GhostEctoplasm
Small 80's Pot Heads8 Bit Bud 1X
Small Cocoa TreeCocoa Pod
Small Conspiracy CrowdPot Heads
Small Fantasy Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Small Ghost CrowdPot Heads
Small Halloween CrowdPot Heads
Small Mardi Gras CrowdPot Heads
Small Occupy CrowdPot Heads
Small Prehistoric CrowdPot Heads
Small Sci-Fi CrowdPot Heads
Small Voodoo Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Small Wonderland CrowdPot Heads
Small Xmas CrowdPot Heads
SmokeyBat Guano
Smokin Drums SetOG Kush 4X
Smoking ManPuff Puff Pass
Snowman New Year PartyIce Weed 4X
Spacebuds Crowd?
Stasis Pod?
Statue of Raw?
Stone WheelSurprise Seed
Stone ZippoPuff Puff Pass
Stoned BillBirthday Bud 4X
Stoned Cutter BearEnigma 4X
Stoned Sabina?
Stoned Sea TurtleSurprise Seed
Strange Love Nest Level 7?
Street Hockey Crowd?
Sugar Maple Tree?
Summer Fat BatMystery Seed (rare)
Super BreweryHemp Oil
Super Chained Zombie?
Tabby Fat BatMystery Seed (rare)
Taco the Chihuahua?
Tar PondBong Water
TeleporterPot Heads
Tequila Distillery?
The Bongslinger?
The Gathering (Pot Head Circle)Pot Heads
The Moochie MachineMystery Seed (common)
The White Rabbit (from Rabbit Hole)White Rabbit 20X
ThinmanBat Guano
Throne of Brooms?
Throne of Hot KnivesGreen Dragon 1X
Tie-Dye ChickPsychedelic Sensi 1X
Tiny Stonedhenge Chronic?
Toasted Monster?
TokahontasTumble Weed 9X
Tool Box?
Torched Ranger StationDicks Notes
Toucan Dan?
Tour Bus?
TractorBlue Ribbon Seed Sack
Trailblazed Rally Girl?
Trailer CrowdPot Heads
Trap DoorBloody Mary Jane 4X
Tree Portal?
Trouser SnakeXXX 9X
Truffle Big PigMystery Seed (rare)
Turducken Fryer?
Turkey Fat Bat?
Turkey Fryer?
Twilight Zone DoorSurprise Seed
Unicorn Big Pig?
Unmasked Monster?
Unpleasant Pheasant?
Vegas Water Fountain?
Viking Longboat Level 1Odinbud 1X
Viking Longboat Level 2Odinbud 4X
Viking Longboat Level 3Odinbud 9X
Viking Longboat Level 4Odinbud 20X
Voodoo GraveVoodoo Bones
Voodoo Pot Head CrowdPot Heads
Vortex of Vanity?
Wake N Bake O'Clock?
Waldick Crowd?
Walrus ChickAlaska Thunderfudk 1X
Wasted Aztec WolfAncient OG 4X
Wasted Wrath Wolf?
Weed Crop CircleAlien Kush 1X
Weedergizer BunnyBat Guano
Weedna Crowd?
Welcome to Vegas Sign?
Wheel of Pot?
White Dragon Big Pig?
Whitebeard Spirit Journey?
Wilson the VolleyballChicken Blood
Winter Hot TubHawaiian Snow 1X
Wishing WellWizard's Weed 4X
Witches CauldronGrim Reefer 9X
WonderdeskBlue Potion
Wonderland CrowdPot Heads
WoodchipperBloody Mary Jane ?X
Woofy Big Pig?
Wookee ChickWookee Weed 1X
Wrapped Ripped Raccoon?
Wrecked Car?
Xmas CorntraptionCaramel corn
Xmas GatheringPuff Puff Pass
Xmas Gumdrop Maker?
Xmas Mall CrowdJingle Buds 4X
Xmas Town?
Zombie CrowdPot Heads
Zombie Elvis?
Zombie Garden?
Zombie HordePot Heads
Harvest seed
or collect from repeater
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